Duplicating an event

If you run an event regularly or multiple times, rather than create a new one each time, you can duplicate an event only needing to change the date and time. 

In order to duplicate an event you must be a Venue Admin. To create an event, log in and select Events from the main menu bar. 

Events > All Future Events 

At this point you will need to select which event series the event you want to duplicate is in:

In this case the event to duplicate is within Qudini Events. Click on Manage events

You will then see a list of all the events within this series. 

Find the one you want and press Edit

You will get a pop up with the event details:

Press the Duplicate button, and the screen will change to creating a new event:

All the details remain the same, minimising what you will need to edit. Press Save once completed

If you need to understand what the details of how to create an event are, click here

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