Creating an event

In order to create an event you must be a Venue Admin. To create an event, log in and select Events from the main menu bar. 

Events > All Future Events 

At this point you will need to select which event series you wish to create the event in. 

Once you have identified the correct Event Series, select Manage events.

Here you will see a list of all events under that event series listed below with some key information about the event:

  • Event Name

  • Attendees 0/10: The first number indicates how many customers have signed up, the second shows the maximum number 

  • Topic: which topic the event is about

  • Time: when the event is being held

  • Location & Venue: this is a combination of the location entered when creating the event and the venue the event is linked to

  • Status: whether the event shows on the booking links, internal only or unpublished

  • URL: opens a new tab to book in for that specific event

  • Edit: allows you to edit the event

  • Attendees: allows you to manage if customers have attended an event

The Series URL button will open a new tab with a booking page, where customers can see all the events in that series. Customers can then filter by date or by topic to find the event to enter. To create a new event, click on Create new event.

  1. Event Title: provide the event a customer facing title

  2. Event Series: select which event series you wish to source the template from

  3. Select Date & Time: choose the date and time you wish your event to be held

  4. Event Capacity: how many attendees can your event hold (maximum number)

  5. Event duration: choose how long your event will last

  6. Max group size: select how many tickets a single booking can take. If you select 3, a single person booking can bring 2 additional people with them

  7. Assign to Venue: select which store you want the event to be held at. 

    • Location Name: provide a customer facing location for the event

  8. Select Topic: from the defined list of topics, select which one this event will be

  9. Add description: this will auto populate from the topic, edit and provide extra detail if required 

  10. Event Status: there are 3 types of event statis:

    • Active Internal: the event is active, however will not show up on the booking widgets, only you can book customers into the event

    • Active Public: using the booking URL’s customers can book into this event and register their attendence

    • Inactive: no one can see this event, it is in draft stage

  11. Event details: these will be auto populated from the topic you have selected. Edit to your own preferences, these may not always be editable based on the configuration of events within your company

  12. Save: once completed press save and the event will be created

If you need further guidance on the Events Platform, please click here

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