Manage SMS settings

Every queue in Qudini can have its own SMS configuration. If you have multiple queues then it is likely you may want to communicate differently with customers.

For example: In fast paced queues, you may want to trigger a Call Back message sooner than you would in a queue which is slow. Or you may wish to tell customers to checkout a particular service area whilst they wait, once they have joined the queue.

SMS Settings can be controlled by a Venue Admin, however your organisation’s Head Office may wish to restrict any changes by Venue Admins.

To navigate to these settings, go to: Admin > Venue > Queue > SMS Settings.

SMS Settings - Configuration

The top section allows you to define the trigger that will automatically send the Call Back text message:

  • The Call Back message is used to notify customers that they are nearly at the head of the queue, in order for your venues to have a buffer queue.

  • This means that staff will not be waiting for the next customer to return from their wait each time they finish a customer. Nor will they have to pre-empt when they will be finished and need to manually call back customers.

  • This trigger will set the customer Queue Position Tracker to display a called back screen/message as well.

  • This will only be sent to Walk-in queuing customers. Appointment booking customers can receive a Reminder SMS instead.

The Call Back can be set based on the estimated time that Qudini thinks the customer has left until they will be seen.

Or it can be based on when the customer reaches a specified position in the queue.

If you set an automated Call Back message based on position, it is very important that staff remember to Finish their customer when their transaction or interaction has completed. Otherwise the queue will not progress and no customers will receive a Call Back.

Set SMS Text:

SMS types are broken down into different sections, click each section to expand the SMS.

  1. Walk-in Check-in messages

  2. Walk-in Call back messages

  3. Walk-in Finishing messages

  4. Booking messages

  5. Walk-in Reminder/Update messages

Walk-in SMS:

The first 3 sections can be broken down into sections of the Qudini user journey:

Within each of these sections there a number of options:

Please note, some SMS can only be triggered from a specific queue type. Read more about the different types of queue here: Queue types options

1. Walk-in Check-in messages:

Qudini will look at the estimated wait time for the queue when adding a customer. Based on the wait time, Qudini can send different messages.

For example: If there is No Wait or less than 5 mins left, you may want to tell customers not to leave the venue or waiting area. But for anything over 5 mins you may want your customers to browse your store or wait elsewhere etc.

+5 mins wait
  • Sent to customers if there is more than a 5 mins estimated wait time.

-5 mins Wait

  • Sent to customers if there is less than a 5 mins estimated wait time.

No Wait

  • Sent to customers if there is no wait time and will be served immediately.

2. Walk-in Call back messages

Call back messages are broken down into 3 options - which are sent to customers that are in the queue waiting to be seen or about to be served.

Return/Callback message
  • Sent to customers before they reach the front of the queue. The trigger to send this message is configured in the top SMS Settings - Configuration, mentioned above.

  • This message will also be sent when a staff member clicks Call Back manually on a customer in the queue.

  • This is used to build up a buffer queue to ensure staff are not waiting for customers to return from their wait.

Call Forward

  • Sent to customers when they are served or assigned to staff member by a Concierge or Server.

Serving Started

  • Only works within Click & Collect or Repair Service Queues.

  • When you mark a item, order or customer as Served, the customer will receive a message.

3. Walk-in Finishing messages

Finishing message are sent immediately at the end of a journey.

No show
  • Sent when a customer is marked as a No Show. Meaning they were not present when the server was ready for them.

Customer Served

  • Sent to customers when they have finished within Qudini, and the staff member has clicked Finished

4. Booking SMS:

The Booking SMS will only be sent to customers with appointments. The time based triggers for these messages are configured within Venue > Queue > Booking Settings, on this page go to the Booking Notification Settings.

Booking Confirmation

  • Sent to customers to once a booking has been created, both online and through a member of staff.

Booking Reminder

  • Sent to customers X hours before their appointment start time.

  • The number of hours prior to booking is configured in Booking Settings.

Booking Cancellation

  • Sent to customers if they cancel their appointment or it deleted by a staff member.

5. Walk-in Reminder/Update messages:

For Walk-in customers only, there are a few more SMS that can be triggered automatically depending on the behaviour of the queue.

Time left update

  • Sent if a customer has been in the queue for over x minutes

Time left update, customer next.

  • Sent if a customer has been in the queue for over x minutes


  • Sent it things are running faster than expected and the customer’s time has been pushed forward by 15 minutes or more.

Ahead, customer next

  • Sent if things are running faster than expected and the customer’s time has been pushed forward by 15 minutes or more and they are next.


  • Sent if things are running slow and the customer’s time has been pushed back by 15 minutes or more.

Delayed, customer next

  • Sent if things are running slow and the customer’s time has been pushed back over 15 minutes, but they are now next in the queue.

SMS Placeholders:

When you want to include some variable information in a text message, for example, using the customer’s name or position in the queue, you can use Placeholders. A list of available Placeholders is listed at the bottom of the SMS Settings page.

How Placeholders work:

When you put a Placeholder in a text message, Qudini will look up the placeholders related information from the queue and customers information.

For example:

If a customer call Harry is added as a walk-in to a queue, if the Check-in Message is configured to say:

“Hi {customer-name}, thanks for waiting.”

Qudini will look for the relevant customer’s name and swap it for the Placeholder. So this message would become:

“Hi Harry, thanks for waiting.”

Please note, this is a reason that we recommend informing any members of staff that check customers into the queue on their behalf to double check the spelling of the name they enter. As a misspelled names will come through in the SMS.

Some Placeholders are only related to appointment bookings or queues. If used incorrectly, Qudini will not recognise the information to swap out for the placeholder and the customer will receive an SMS with a Placeholder.

For example:

If a customer call Tom is added as a walk-in to a queue, if the Check-in Message is configured to say:

“Hi {customer-name}, your appointment is at {booking-time}”

Qudini will look not be able to find a booking time for Tom and will send a message that says:

“Hi Tom, your appointment is at {booking-time}”

Multiple SMS Languages:

You can set up SMS content for multiple languages in each queue. Qudini will then send the relevant SMS languages to customers who select a specific language when joining the queue.

For example, if a customer is joining the queue using a self check-in kiosk and chooses the German translation, then Qudini will look to see if there’s German SMS setup and send them only to customers that have selected the German option on the kiosk.

Related information about SMS:

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