Types of booking availability

In order to creat or accept appointments in Qudini, you’ll need to choose which type of availability you’d like to use. As shown in the Queue Settings under Booking Settings there are two types of Booking Availability:

Generic Availability

Allows you to set booking availability times across your store that are unassigned and unassociated with the number of staff you have set to available. Appointments are added to the calendar in an Unassigned column.

When enabled, the Generic Availability menu will be displayed. To learn how to configure and manage this type of availability visit: Managing Generic Availability

Staff Availability

Allows appointment booking based on the availability that advisors have set in their calendars. Bookings will be automatically assigned upon creation, if no user is specified, then Qudini will randomly assign bookings evenly across available advisors. Please note, this will require users to input their availability in advance if you would like bookings to be made for future days - This is done within the Calendar View.

Learn how to configure Staff Availability here: Setting Staff booking availability

Availabilities are created at a queue level. This means if you have multiple queues in your venue, you will need to configure the availability for each one individually. If your queue only handles walk-in customers, there is no need to set this type of availability. 

To set which type availability your queue is using:

  1. Under the Admin tab

  2. Select the queue you are creating booking availability for

  3. Select Booking Settings

  4. Define booking slots by using the drop down options

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