Configuring break reasons

Break reasons are a key feature in Qudini that allows you to set staff as unavailable to help provide accurate wait times in store. It also enables visibility of the store to be able to identify the available resources. To create Break Reasons, you need to be a Venue Admin or higher (please note for some venues this action may be restricted)

Configuring break reasons

  1. Access the administration option for a specific venue (for venue admins, this will be through clicking on ‘Admin’ in the banner bar), for merchant admins, this will be by selecting the correct store

  2. Once you’re in the administration area you click on Settings and then break reasons

  1. A list of all current break reasons are displayed 

Creating a break reason

  1. Add a Title: this will be how the break reason is displayed to users

  2. Add a Description (optional): provide details on the break reason

  3. Choose Display order: decide the order of the break reasons based on their importance. Note, if you leave these as 0, the break reasons will appear in the order they were created

  4. Click Add break reason

Editing a break reason

  1. To edit a break reason, click edit against the reason to change

  1. Edit the required fields and press Save and the break reason will change

    1. Note, users already logged in will need to refresh their browsers for this to take effect

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