The Automatic Call Back Message

The automatic call back feature will automatically send the customer an SMS to instruct them to return to the store as they are due to be served soon. The timing of the SMS is configured based on either position in the queue or how long until they are due to be seen. 

To enable this feature:

  1. Press the toggle against the timing you require for your store

    1. When customer is - this toggle is for when a customer is in a particular position in the queue. We recommend position 3

    2. When due in - this toggle is for when a customer will be seen in X minutes. We recommend calling back with 10 to 15 minutes before due

  2. Configure when the callback will be sent.

    1. When customer is - the value represents the position in the queue

    2. When due in - the value represents the minutes until the customer is due to be served 

  1. Click on Walk-in Call back messages

  1. Toggle on the Return/Call back message

  2. You can edit the content of the call back SMS here too. There is a 160 character (including spaces) limit to SMS content. You can go over, however the content will be sent in two SMSs

  3. Once you’ve edited the SMS click save and these settings will be saved

Overall we recommend setting the automated callback to be based on position, however this will vary depending on the store. 

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