Manage future walk-in availability

Managing advisor availability into the future can simplify the way you use Qudini within your venue. 

You are able to  pre-define availability into the future, so that staff automatically become available (and unavailable) based on when you state that they are working.

Only advisors with the concierge permission enabled can manage future advisor availability. If you do not see the Calendar link in the main Qudini navigation, your account  does not have the appropriate permissions. 

To create future advisor availability:

  1. Click on the Calendar option in the main Qudini navigation 

  2. Select which queue you want to set advisor availability for, via the queue selector dropdown

  3. Click on Availability in the left configuration panel

  4. Select which staff members you wish to see in the calendar from the Configuration panel

  5. The calendar defaults to the day view, but you can switch to a week view if you wish

  6. Find the day you wish to create availability for using the directional arrows to switch the day or week

  1. On the calendar Click at the start time of the availability that you want to set, and then drag down to the end of the time period.  

  1. A pop-up will appear asking what type of advisor availability that you would like to set:

    1. Walk-in - availability to serve customers who arrive without an appointment

    2. Booking - availability to take appointments, which will impact the slots that are availability when appointments are made

    3. Walk-in & Booking - both types of availability

  1. Once you’ve selected your option, the advisor availability will be shown in the calendar, yellow for walk-in availability and blue for booking availability.  

Reoccur availability

If you’ve entered advisor availability that you would like to recur on a regular basis then you can do so.  

  1. Click on the availability that you wish to recur

  2. With the pop-up that appears you can change the setting from ‘Do not reoccur’ to ‘Define Period’

  3. You can then enter the number of weeks you wish this availability to reoccur for

  4. Click Save

NB: Setting a recurrence period will recur the advisor availability on the same day at the same time for the stated period.  For example, if you set availability on a Monday at 3pm-4pm and perform the above steps, every Monday for the period defined will have that same availability. To set a week’s pattern of availability you will need to set each day individually.

Duplicating for other staff

If you’ve entered advisor availability that you would like to duplicate for another advisor then you can do so.  

  1. Click on the availability you wish to duplicate

  2. In the dropdown list select the staff member you wish to duplicate for and a tick will appear next to their name once selected

  3. Press Save

NB: You can duplicate availability for multiple advisors at the same time by clicking multiple advisor names.

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