Setting an advisor as unavailable

Setting an advisor as unavailable removes them from being able to serve customers and automatically updates the queue time for any further customers added to the queue. Doing so is very important to keeping customers reliably informed of wait times.

To mark as someone as being unavailable:

  1. On the advisor list find the advisor whom you want to make unavailable and click set to unavailable.  This will open the Set Unavailability pop-ip.

  1. In the pop up you should:

    1. Select the reason why the advisor will be unavailable.  These options are set by your store administrator

    2. Set how long the advisor will be unavailable, either by using the available options or by manually entering the amount of time

    3. If you set ‘No duration’ then the advisor will remain unavailable indefinitely

    4. Finally click save to set the advisor as unavailable.

The advisor will now show as unavailable within the main Qudini interface.  They will automatically be made available again when the time period has elapsed.  You can see how long the advisor has been unavailable and how long remains of their unavailability from the advisor card.

To make someone available before the end of the set time then you do so by pressing the Set to Available option highlighted above.

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