Book a follow up appointment

NB: This feature requires your subscription and configuration to have appointment bookings enabled.

Once you have finished serving a customer, you may want to book them a follow-up appointment at a time which suits them (subject to your configuration and subscription).

When finishing the service of the customer you will be presented with the Finish Service pop-up.

  1. On the finish service pop-up you can select the Book a Follow-up option

You will then be directed into the Create a Booking journey.

  1. Select the queue and the product for the customer’s new appointment 

  1. Select the date and time for when the customer would like their appointment (NB: available booking slots are derived from the booking availability that has been set).

  1. You can assign the appointment to an advisor, or leave it unassigned and Qudini will automatically assign it.

  1. Once you have selected the time, date and/or advisor, click Next

  2. The customer’s details will automatically populate with information from the customer’s original service interaction.  These can be edited if required.

  1. You will have the opportunity to check the details are correct and if everything is fine then you can click Create booking in order to confirm the appointment.

  1. The appointment confirmation will then be shown.

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