Calling back a customer for service

If a customer has come into your store and the wait time is long, they are able to leave the store and be called back when it is their time to be served. 

Qudini offers an automated call back function, which can be configured within the Queue SMS Settings, however if the customer needs to be called back earlier, you can manually do this. 

To call a customer back:

  1. Click on the customer's name from the queue

  1. At the bottom, you will see three symbols, the far left one is the ‘call-back’ option. If you hover your mouse over this option, it will expand and show the text ‘call-back’.  

  1. Once pressed the customer details pop up will close and the following message will show in the top right of your browser:

  1. The customer will then be sent the call back SMS informing them to return to store as they are due to be seen shortly.  You can see the message that was sent to the customer by viewing the ‘Messages’ tab on the Customer Details..

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