Recording outcomes of service

NB: Outcomes will only be visible if your subscription and configuration have enabled them.

When you have completed serving a customer and have selected one of the options indicated on the after service pop-up below, you will be presented with the available outcomes for the product the customer has been assigned.

  1. For the appropriate outcome, you can press the (+) icon next to the outcome you wish to record

    • You can press the (-) icon to remove an outcome if you accidentally assigned it

  2. Once you’ve selected the correct outcomes, press the continue button

You can select Clear all outcomes to remove all the currently applied outcomes

OPTIONAL: missed target explanation

If your organisation has enabled the target outcomes feature you may be presented with the following screen if the target outcome was not achieved.

This has appeared you have not selected the target outcomes for that product and a reason for not selecting those target outcomes are required to finish the customer.  Enter your reason in the section highlighted blue above, then press continue and the outcome will be recorded

If you would like to find out how to configure target outcomes, click here

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