What does the message "Queue is full or no availability" mean on my kiosk?

There are 2 reasons that your kiosk may show this error message:

Staff availability is not set

To enable customers to join the queue, you need to have set staff availability.

If you have not set staff availability, anyone trying to join the queue, will get this message - “Queue is full or no availability” - after entering their details, because there are no staff members available to serve these customers.

To solve this, you must set staff availability. Learn more here.

Queue is full

Alternatively this message may show if the queue is full.

Qudini calculates whether the available staff members have enough time to serve the remaining customers in the queue, before your store closes. If there is not enough time, then this message will show, and additional customers will not be able to check-in.

For example, if the following points were in place:

  • It is 4:30pm
  • Your store closes at 5pm
  • There is only 1 available staff member
  • 3 customers are in the queue waiting for expected service of 10 minutes each

Qudini will calculate that there is not enough time to serve a 4th customer, because there is only half an hour until closing, and it will take half an hour to serve the 3 customers.
To solve this, you can extend your store opening hours. Learn more here.

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