What does 'Always Available' mean?

The Always Available feature allows you to give a user constant availability, meaning they will not be required to enter their shift hours upon logging in to the Qudini app. The Always Available advisor will then always appear with the Available Advisors section of the Service Queue:

It is important to understand that enabling this feature will affect the estimated wait time that Qudini gives for Walk-in Queuing customers. 

For example, if a user is Always Available, but they are absent from work on a particular day, Qudini will still view this user as Serving customer (i.e. interacting with customers). Therefore, the generated wait times will include this user’s availability, meaning that wait times will be underestimated.

It is also important to understand that enabling this feature will affect Qudini’s ability to correctly manage queue capacity for Walk-in queuing customers.

For example, if all users set their shift time to finish at 17:00, ordinarily Qudini will estimate how many customers the available users can serve before 17:00 when availability ends. However, by having a user who is Always Available, Qudini will allow users to check-in right up until, and after 17:00, as it understands that there is an available user to serve these customers.

The Always Available feature can be useful if you have a user that will not affect the estimated wait time for a queue. 

For example, a Concierge only user, who does not have Server permission. Qudini will not take this user into account when calculating wait times, as they are not serving customers in the queue. You may consider making this user Always Available.

Important distinction:

Always Available is not booking availability, it will only effect set walk-in availability - if a user is Always Available, this does not mean they are able to be assigned or selected to take a bookings. For Example if you are using the Staff Booking type (instead of Generic booking), then users will still need to set their booking availability to be assigned appointment bookings.

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