What's the difference between Merchant Admins and Venue Level users?

In Qudini, we have two types of user for different roles within your business.

The key difference between these two types of users is that Merchant Users can control merchant wide settings and then apply them to all venues or specific venues, whereas Venue Users only have access to the venues they are assigned to and are unable to access other venue’s settings.

For example, settings related to branding or customer communications are controlled at Merchant level and then applied to venues, rather than relying on the Venue Levels to each change their own settings individually.

Merchant Level Users

These are users that can access Qudini maintain and manage your Merchant account, this allows users to:

  • Access settings for each venue or queue.
  • Change your customer communications and branding.
  • Manage your users and venue permissions.
  • View stats dashboards and receive email reports.

These users cannot view or access the queues and calendars of individual venues. They can therefore not change Staff Booking or Walk-in Availability, nor can they manage customers. This is to prevent accidental interference with customers or staff within a live venue environment.

If a Merchant User tries to login to the Qudini Store Team app it will not allow them to login successfully.

Within Merchant users there are further permissions that can be assigned to a user:

  • Merchant Owner
  • Support Manager
  • Venue Manager
  • View Stats
  • Bookings Manager
  • Events Manager
  • Task Manager

Find out more about what access these permissions provide here:

What roles and permissions does Qudini have?

Venue Level Users

These are users that access and manage the customers within Qudini on a day to day basis. These also have specific permission sets but these are typically given to colleagues within the venue who need to add and manage customers through Qudini. Users can:

  • Add customers that walk-in.
  • Create appointment bookings for customers.
  • Assign appointments and customers to colleagues.
  • Set availability on a daily basis for walk-ins and bookings.
  • Serve and report outcomes with customers.
  • Manage the queue and upcoming appointments.
  • See and manage other users in their venue.

There are 3 permissions within Venue Level Users:

  • Server - Enables the user to be assigned (or assign to themselves) to customers.
  • Concierge - Gives the user the ability to see and manage customers and staff. As well as manage availability and breaks.
  • Admin - Can access the settings for their venue and queues in order to manage staff, they can also receive reports and view the dashboards.

Please note - Permissions can have features and specific accesses removed by Head Office configurations.

Venue level users can be set up as Multi-Venue users, meaning they can log into more than one store. This is typically used when you have store colleagues that work within two venues/stores.

Learn more about Multi-Venue users

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