Understanding My Customer

My customer is the home of information related to the customer you are currently serving. 

  1. Serve time: this will track how long you have spent serving the customer. It will show how close you are to the expected finish time of the service.

  2. Service details: details about the current service instance includes details about who added the customer to the queue, who started the service,  as well as the timings of the service.  Also present are any notes on this particular service instance.

  3. Edit Notes: if during service you want to add notes about the customer’s interaction for future reference, you can click to edit the notes, and make the necessary updates

  4. No Show: if you have started serving a customer, but when you go to find them you cannot, pressing this will mark them as having not showed up for service. 

  5. Transfer: you can transfer the customer to another queue if they need service in another area of the business, simply by clicking this option and selecting a new product

  6. Outcomes: (if enabled) you can view the outcome of the service

  7. Convert to booking: this directs you to create a new booking for the same customer, carrying across the customer’s name etc…  You can adjust some information as you make the appointment. 

  8. Add or remove service time: if your service with the customer is taking longer than expected, press the +5 mins button. This will add 5 minutes to the expected serve time and update the queue timings accordingly. Conversely if you are taking less time than expected you can press the -5 mins button to reduce the expected serve time.

      8.1  by clicking on the ‘clock’ symbol, a new pop up will appear which will allow you to choose to increase or decrease the service time by a variety of time periods.


  1.  Finish: once you have finished with a customer, press the finish button

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