Creating a customer appointment

NB: Appointment booking features are subject to your subscription and configuration.

If a customer wants to arrange to visit your venue and receive service at a future date and time, then you can create an appointment booking for them.

You can create a booking in two places:

  1. Main Qudini interface

  2. Calendar 

Regardless of the selected method, the Create Booking journey is the same.

Accessing via the main Qudini interface

From the main screen, select the Create Booking button in the top left corner, which will open the Create Booking screen.

Accessing via the Calendar

Click ‘Calendar’ in the main navigation and select the Create Booking button, which will open the Create Booking screen.

Create a Booking

After clicking the Create Booking button, the Create Booking screens will be shown.

Follow the steps detailed below to create an appointment for a customer.

  1. Select the product you are making the appointment booking for and then click next. 

  1. Select the date and time of the appointment.

  • Next to each time slot, you can see how many appointments are left for each specific appointment slot.

  • If your appointments are made using ‘staff availability’, you can select a specific advisor from the dropdown menu under the ‘Advisor’ heading. This will update the date and time options available, according to that advisor’s availability.

  • If your appointments are made using the generic availability option, you will only have an Unassigned user in the Advisor dropdown menu. Once the appointment has been created, you can assign it to an available staff member.

  • Select a date and time for the appointment and click ‘Next’.

  1. You will be prompted to enter the customer’s details. The number and type of fields are configurable so may vary.  Once you have completed the mandatory fields (if set) you can press Continue.

  1. You will then be given the opportunity to review the details before confirming the appointment. 

  1. Once the appointment has been successfully created, the confirmation page will show a summary of the customer’s appointment, detailing the date and time of the appointment, what service the customer booked for, the server they are assigned to, and the estimated length of the service.

    1. Displays the status of the booking.

2. Displays the booking number.

3. Displays the name of the customer/client. 

4. Shows the date and timing of the booking.

5. Shows the product/service the customer is assigned to.

6. Displays the advisor the customer is going to be served by (if assigned).

7. Shows the length of the appointment/booking.

8. Shows the Queue name which the customer/client is assigned to.

  1. If you wish to create another booking, press the ‘Create New Booking’ button, which will take you back to the product selection page at the start of this process.  Otherwise, press ‘Close’ to go back to the main screen and view the entire queue.

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