Creating and Enabling Venue Level Products

In order to add a customer to your queue you need to have products set up for customers to check-in for.

There are two types of products; Merchant products (Learn more here) and Queue products.

A venue admin can manage the existing merchant product, and can create and manage queue products.

Go to Admin > Venue > select a Queue > Products

This page will display all merchant level products that have been created. Merchant level products cannot be edited here and can only be edited by a Merchant admin user

This page is split into Available Products and Hidden Products

  • Available products are products that are already visible to your venue.

  • Hidden products will show all other merchant products that have been created. To use one of these hidden products, untick the box that says Hidden in the product row. This will move the product up to the Available products section.

A venue level user can create a venue level product, that will only be visible to their venue.

  1. Enter the name of the service and the average service length.
  2. Press Add ProductThis product is specific to the queue you are currently viewing.
  3. Once the product has been added, press Edit, to make the product available for either booking or queueing customers. 
  4. When you have finished updating the product information, press Save.
  • Visible Outcomes - If this feature has been enabled, you can select options to prompt staff to report on the outcome of a transaction with a customer.
  • Target Outcomes - If this feature has been enabled, you can select the desired outcomes that staff are aiming to achieve during service with a customer, e.g. a sale or an up-sell.
  • Reasons - If this feature has been enabled, you can select a list of reasons for the selected outcome (e.g. Outcome: "No sale", Reason: "Lack of stock").
  • Enabled for - Decide if Products will be available to book for an appointment and / or queue.
  • Display Order - Setting a display order allows you to configure the order of the products displayed to your users on the desktop and mobile app's. The products are ordered low to high so set the products you'd like to show first the lower numbers. 
  • Product Icon - An icon to show next to the product (this can be displayed on customer touch points such as the kiosk).
  • Product Colour - Product buttons within the staff Apps and Kiosk can have specified colours.

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