Adding and managing the TV app

The Qudini TV app can be used to give a visual display of all the queues within the Venue. 

It is currently only available on an Android device.

In order to set the TV up, you will need to pair the TV to the venue.

  1. Download the TV app to your device via the Android play store.
  2. If you are on a private hosted Qudini platform, you will need to amend the URL from, to your private URL.
    If you use, you can ignore this step. 
  3. The TV app will automatically generate a code when opened.

Now that you have the unique code generated by this TV, you can pair the TV to the venue.

Go to: Merchant > select a Venue > Devices > TVs

  1. Enter the code into the TV identifier field.
  2. Select the Queues you want to display on the TV.
  3. Press Pair TV.


Now that you have paired the TV to your venue you must assign a TV template to the device. This formats the TV so that it matches the branding of your organisation.

Learn more here on TV Templates, or if you do not have Merchant Admin permissions, please contact your support centre.

  1. Double click the TV ID that you set up in the steps above. This will open a pop-up box.
  2. Select a TV Template in the Template dropdown. 
  3. If you only want to display certain products in the queue on your TV, enable the Filter by products setting, and select the products you would like to show.
    If you leave the filtered products blank, it will display all of these products on the TV.
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the pop-up to press Save to finalise the changes.

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