Adding and managing kiosk IDs

To set up a new kiosk device in your venue or store, you'll need to ensure that you have the correct app downloaded to the device. Public versions of these apps can be found on the Apple or Android app stores by searching "Qudini Kiosk"

Pairing a Kiosk to Qudini

In order for your kiosk to showcase your specific customer-facing options and your branding, you need to pair the kiosk to the settings that have been created in the Qudini settings. This also allows a secure connection between the device and Qudini. 

Please ensure that the device is connected to the internet before proceeding with the following setup.

  • URL - This should be left as for most cases unless the URL of your account is on a different URL. You can tell which you should use by looking at the address bar of where you log in to Qudini. For example, it might be "" or"

  • Kiosk ID - Kiosk IDs are found within the Qudini Settings pages. Using a desktop browser, go to Merchant > select a Venue > Devices > Kiosks.
    In some scenarios, a kiosk ID may have already been generated for you by a member of your Head Office team. This will appear in the list of Inactive kiosks.
    If not, instructions are shown below on how to create a new kiosk ID.
  • Description - This may be helpful to determine which kiosk ID should be used on specific devices located throughout your store if you have more than one.
  • Find the kiosk ID and input it into the app's text field where it says ‘Kiosk ID’. (This is not case sensitive).
  • Then click 'Validate'.
  • This will move the kiosk ID from the Inactive section to the Active section, as your kiosk has now been paired, and is ready to use.

Other settings

  • Printer - In the app settings, if this is switched on then you can enable a printer if you have connected it to your device.

  • Kiosk Mode - In the app settings, if this is switched on it will prevent the screen from timing out and putting the device to sleep if left idle.

Creating a new Kiosk ID

  1. If you need to create a kiosk ID, you can create one by clicking on 'Add new kiosk' in the top right corner of the desktop settings.

  1. Here you can create a new kiosk by inputting:
    • Kiosk Description - Use this to specify the kiosk details (e.g. model, asset tag or serial number, location in-store).
    • Select Kiosk Design - Select a Kiosk Design Template.
      In order to add a new kiosk to a venue, you need to have a Kiosk Template setup. This is done at Head Office / Merchant Owner level. If you do not have a kiosk template available to use, or you are unsure which template to use, please contact your company support desk.
    • Product to Show - Choose the products/services which customers should be able to select.
    • Opening Hours - Select times in which the kiosk will be open and available for use by customers. If these are left blank, the kiosk will revert to the Venue Opening Hours which are set in the Venue Details page.
    • Printed Ticket Design - Select a Printed Ticket Template if you have a kiosk printer connected.
      If you have a printer connected to your kiosk, for example, to print tickets for customers, you need to have a Printed Ticket Template setup. This is done at the Head office / Merchant Owner level.
      If you do not have a ticket template available to use, or you are unsure which template to use, please contact your company support desk.
  2. Click Save.
  3. The new kiosk ID will appear in the Inactive kiosk list.

Re-installing a kiosk 

If you need to reinstall the kiosk app or replace a broken device you will need to first Deactivate the original kiosk from the kiosk settings page. 

This can be done by clicking "Deactivate" next to the kiosk you wish to replace. This will then mean the kiosk is able to be paired again with a new device. Note that a re-installation of the app on the same device can also require a re-pairing. 

Other information about using Kiosks

  • If you are leaving your kiosk on a shop floor accessible to the public, we recommend using 3rd party software to lock down its firmware so that it is not accessible to anyone using the device.
  • Qudini does not take any responsibility for security breaches made through devices being used as kiosks.
  • In order to bring up the kiosk settings within the app, tap 6 times in the top left corner of the interface. (You may be required to enter a PIN in order to access the settings - this PIN is set upon the initial setup on the kiosk app).
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