Managing Venue Details

As a Venue Level Admin, you will have access to the backend settings of your venue.

Certain settings and configurations however, are controlled at a Head Office Level and therefore will be restricted to you. Please contact your Head Office or internal support teams if you need help with these restricted settings.

For more information about the difference between Head Office level and Venue level settings and users, please visit this article:

The difference between Head Office and Venue Level users

Venue Details Settings:

To edit and change your venue details Admin > Venue Information > Venue Details

  • Name - This is what will be displayed on the Online Booking Interface (if you are using this), as well as the Email and SMS communications. Therefore it’s important to consider whether customer will understand the name you give the venue.
  • Default Country Code: Default mobile country code presented to customers and team members when creating an appointment or joining the queue. 
  • Timezone: Default venue timezone.
  • Language: Default language presented to team members when using Qudini. 
  • Description - Is a note that can be used internally. It will only show on this page.
  • Capture email - Enabling this allows you to capture an email for walk-in/queuing customers.
  • Show Desk Location - Enabling this will allow you to show where the member of staff is going to be working from. This can be used to provide better communication to the customer. For example, by adding the desk location to an SMS sent to the customer, or adding to the TV display.
    By enabling this, an option will show in the Settings in the Retail app. The staff member will fill in their location in this new field, for example, Desk A. 
  • Pager Integration enabled - If you have Pagers (aka. Buzzers) in your venue and they are Qudini compatible, you can enable them here.
  • Address: The venue address that customers can be directed to. 

  • Map View - This provides you with quick access to the Google Map view of the venue. 
  • Online booking widgets - This will show the URL links to any customer facing Online Booking Interfaces. It will list the URLs for each Online Booking Widget.
    These can be given to customers, enabling them to book their own appointments. For example, these URLs can be embedded into your venue’s website for use by the public.

  • The Main Widget URL will link to the first stage of the Online Booking Interface journey, showing the Store Finder. This will also display other venues that are set up on that widget.
  • The Store Link URL will skip the Store Finder page and go directly to the Select Service page for the venue that you are in.
  • View if customers added to other queues - Premium Feature for bespoke app - This will display an icon in the app to show you the customer is in more than one queue.
  • Show status icon on queue screen - Premium Feature for bespoke app - This will display an icon in the app to show the details of the customer’s queue position in other queues.

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