Create and customise TV templates to show brand content and queue information on the original TV app

The Qudini TV app enables you to display customers that have entered the queue or have an appointment booking. This can be displayed at any location throughout your venue, for example, the shop floor, fitting rooms or back of house. This helps to keep customers and staff up to date about their position in the queue. 

The TV app can be especially useful if you are not using the SMS feature, or if a customer has not provided their phone number to receive SMS updates.

The TV app is able to show the position of customers in the queue, as well as customers that are currently being served by staff members.

To display the queue on your TV, you will need to create a TV template. Only a Merchant Owner can create TV templates.

Create a TV Template

Go to Merchant > Customisations > TV Templates > Create New Template

TV Settings

 To setup your TV Template, select the Settings option at the bottom of the template.

  • Template name - Give your TV template a unique name. This will help you easily identify which template to select when you are setting up your TV app.

  • TV show time for served customer - Defines how long a customer will be shown in the Serving section of the TV Interface. This is useful if an advisor does not press Finish at the end of the customer service. Instead of the customer remaining on the screen for hours, it will be automatically removed after a set time.

  • Call forward pop-up enabled - By enabling this you can display a message on the TV screen when you call the customer forward for service.
    Custom Message - If the Call forward pop-up enabled option is enabled, then you will add a customised message which will be displayed in the popup on the TV screen, when a customer is called forward.

  • Call back button to update screen - Feature for a custom TV app - Enabling this means that when a staff member presses the Callback button on the app, the TV will update to show that a customer is being processed.

  • Queue position number enabled - This will show the customer’s position in the queue next to the customer’s name.

  • Show appointments enabled - Any Appointment bookings will also be shown on the TV.

  • Enable call forward audio prompts - The TV app will produce an audio notification when a customer is called forward. You can set the notification sounds in the Settings on your Android device.

  • Show processing customers - This is used only for a Click and Collect style queue. This shows customers that have been moved to “Ready to Collect” within the app.

  • Sort customers by - This can be set by due time or joined time, to determine how customers will be ordered and who will show at the top of the list.

  • Combine queues - If this option is disabled, and you have more than one queue, then your TV screen will rotate between the two queues.
    By enabling this option, your queues will merge and display as one combined queue. This can be useful if you have two teams serving customers, the customers will not get confused about multiple queues.

  • Show desk location - By enabling this, it will give instructions for the customer to go to a specific location when they are called forward for service. In the retail app, the advisor will enter their location in the main settings.

TV Customisations

To customise the branding of your TV Template, select the Customise option at the bottom of the template.

The TV app can be displayed in portrait or landscape mode.

  • Load style template - If you have created a Style Template, you can select it here. This will pre-populate your colours and branding.
  • Logo - You can display your company logo on the screen. You are able to use any web address to display the logo, although we recommend using a static URL as this is more stable.
    The logo will appear in the top left of the screen in the header bar.

  • Image - You can load an image so that your TV screen is more engaging when there is no activity. The image will appear when there is no-one in the queue, or when there is no-one being served. The image will remain when customers are added to the queue, but not yet served.
    You are able to use any web address to display an image, although we recommend using a static URL as this is more stable.
    The image will appear on the right hand side of the screen if you are viewing in landscape mode, or at the bottom of the screen if viewing in portrait mode.

  • Videos - A small video can be displayed on the screen. This will replace the image you have selected to show on the TV display.

  • Colours - See the below images to help you select the appropriate hex colours for your TV template.

TV Text Editor

To edit the text headers, select the Text Editor at the bottom of the template.

  • Position - This cannot be edited on the original version of the app. This heading can be turned off if you do not want to display the customer’s position in the queue.

  • Waiting Customers - This cannot be edited on the original version of the app.
  • Customers Being Served - This cannot be edited on the original version of the app.

  • Messages - These will appear at the bottom of the screen and will rotate all of the messages you have created. There is not a limit to the number of messages you can create, but we recommend limiting it to 2-3 for ease of the customer reading them.

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