Venue restrictions - Restrict Generic Booking Availability and Special days

There are restrictions that you can set as a Merchant Admin user, in order to prevent Venue Users from making changes to their settings. This helps to protect the customer journey and ensure consistency between venues.

Go to Merchant > Main Settings > Venue Restrictions

You are able to restrict two things:

  1. Store can edit generic booking availability - Enabling this allows a Venue Admin user to change the hours set for (unassigned) Generic availability for appointment bookings in their store.

  2. Stores can add special days - Enabling this allows a Venue Admin user to add availability for Special days. This will override the Generic availability that has been set. For example, a specific branch is hosting a one-day publicity event. By enabling this setting, the Venue Admin user can increase the number of bookings that the Generic availability creates for that date.

The default for both of these settings is set to On. If you wish to remove this capability, you will need to switch these Off and then press 'Save'.

See Booking Settings to find out more about appointment booking availability, including Generic availability and Special days. Learn more here

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