Setup Post Visit SMS to customers

Post visit SMS are a great way to follow-up with customers once they have finished their interaction in your store. This feature is typically used to send customers a:

  • ‘Thank you for visiting’ message
  • Link to a survey form
  • Link to book a follow-up appointment if required.

Please note that any messaging sent through Qudini channels to your customers must be GDPR compliant.

Setting up post visit SMS

Go to Merchant > Main settings > Post visit SMS

Here you can set up multiple post visit SMS for specific queues and venues.

  • Input a Title for your post visit SMS
  • Enter the SMS text content underneath. (Remember that there is a 160 character limit to each SMS).
  • Select the Enabled option to make the SMS visible to staff members.
  • Choose the Venue that the SMS will be applied to.
  • You can also filter the SMS to customers that were added to Qudini for a specific product or had a specific outcome reported against their interaction.
  • Press 'Create'

Further options:

  • Send to every X customer - Gives you the option to send the post visit SMS to a smaller portion of customers. This is used to reduce the number SMS used within your account allowance.
  • Opt in Customer Only - Coming soon. Enabling this option restricts post visit SMS to only be sent to customers that have opted in to receive follow up communications.
  • Send SMS after (hours) - Choose the number of hours after the staff member has clicked 'finish', before the customer is sent the SMS.
    Please note: if you have Data Sensitive Mode enabled, you will need to set this to send within the time before data is overwritten.
    For example, if data sensitive mode has a 4hr timer, you will need to set Send SMS after to any number lower than 4hrs. Data sensitive mode deletes the customer phone number after 4hrs, and therefore will not be able to send any further messages.
  • Language - Choose the language of the SMS
  • SMS Source Details - This field allows you to set who the SMS comes from. For example, you will write the Venue name, or the Merchant name.There is an 11 character limitation for the length of the name.

Once you have created your post visit SMS, it is listed below where you can 'Edit' or 'Remove' them as required. 

To use Placeholders in your Post Visit SMS, select Show Placeholders.

These can be used to send your customer more specific information. For example, using their name, or telling them what position they are in the queue.

The number of characters used by a placeholder is dependent on the word it replaces. For example, using {customer-name} could use 5 characters for Sarah, or 3 characters for Ben.

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