Managing your merchant details

Your Merchant details are where you set the main settings for your Qudini account. This is where you set your Merchant Name (usually your company or brand name), upload a logo that will appear on your Qudini staff interfaces and set overall restrictions.

Go to Merchant > Merchant Admin > Merchant Details

Merchant Details

  • Merchant Name - This is usually your company or brand name.
  • Restricted Products - When enabled, this prevents store users with Admin permissions from adding or changing Products that appear in their queues. They are also restricted from changing SMS templates for their queues.
  • Support Email - Setting a support email in this field means that when a user creates a support query, it will be directed to this email.
  • Slots held for x minutes - Set the amount of time that a customer has to complete a booking appointment through the Online Booking Interface before their chosen time slot is released.
  • Branding colours - Select the appropriate hex colours that match your organisation’s branding. These colour and branding settings will appear on the mobile app interfaces that your staff use.


  • Logo - The company logo that you upload here will appear in the top left of the Settings pages for all users within your Merchant account. It will also be used within the main Qudini interface for the mobile devices that your staff use.
    The logo will need to be the negative (or all-white) version of your logo - as it will always be on a colourised background.
    Recommendations for uploading a logo:
    • 2:1 ratio
    • Ideal size 240 x 120px
    • PNG format

    • Padding around the main logoThis logo will appear within the Qudini mobile apps once you’ve downloaded and logged into them. This is NOT the logo that appears on the Online Booking Interface, Queue TV Templates, Kiosk, Queue Information Tracker, etc. These can all be set independently of one another.

Internal Email Settings

These settings allow you to configure basic settings for the design of the emails that Qudini can send within your organisation (i.e. to users when an appointment is made and assigned to them).

  • Choose the correct hex colours and upload a logo.

SMS Settings

Enabling Nexmo allows you to use your own Nexmo account to send SMS from Qudini.


Tagging is a great way to help create search-ability and grouping of venues or queues. Tags can only be created and deleted via this page.

Threshold Alert Settings

Threshold Alerts allows users to receive notification when an action or threshold is reached. For example, if a customer queue grows beyond a set estimated wait time, an email can be triggered to notify the store manager.

Notifications can be SMS, Email or Push notification via a mobile app.

Beta features

Enabling Beta features gives you access to the new features that have been developed but not yet released onto our public app. Please contact if you would like to find out more.


You can set limits on the number of Customer Questions that can be created in Qudini. Learn more here.

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