How to Create and Manage Products

Every customer that enters Qudini as a Walk-in or Appointment Booking needs to have a Product associated with them. Products (a.k.a Services) can be shown as options to customers so they can select the type of appointment or service they would like to have. The selected Product is shown against each customer in order to help the advisors/staff to know what service each customer is in the queue or calendar for.

Products are shown to a customer on the Booking Widget Interface or Kiosk:

Products then appear next to each customer for advisors within the Qudini app:

Creating a Product

Go to the Merchant Level Settings > Main Settings > Products and click Create Product.

1. Give the product a Name

The product can be visible to customers, so be sure to make it something a customer would understand. You can also provide a Description if you need one - this is displayed on the booking widget for customers when selecting a product.

2. Select a Product Type

This setting will default to a Product only (a.k.a Primary product). However if you want the product to be an Add-on, or both a Primary and Add-on Product. You can allow select one of the options under Product Type.

To learn more here about how Add-ons work

3. If you need to present the product to different languages you can configure a name and description under Additional Languages.

4. Set the Audience

Setting the type of customer allows products to only be shown when creating a customer whether it is a booking or queuing customer (or both).

For example: When adding a customer to the queue, a user will not see products that only have Booking customer set as their audience. This is useful if you have products that are specifically for one use-case, such as a Virtual Online appointment. In this scenario, you may not want that product available to select for a walk-in customer in-store.

5. Set Duration dictates how long the service or product will take.

this is used to block out the correct amount of time in the advisor's calendar  for bookings. It is also used to calculate Wait Time estimates for walk-in queuing customers.

The duration can be configured to show when booking an appointment.

6. Product Icon & icon colour

Within the Product Icon section, select the icon that will appear next to the customer within the Store Team app. This can help distinguish customers more easily based on their chosen product. You can also define the colour of the icon to help emphasise specific products. Icons can also be displayed for customers on the booking widget.

7. Display Order

Wherever products appear next to one another, the display order setting will be used to control how they are ordered on the page. By default Qudini will display products in the order they were created in. 

8. Product images & Pricing can displayed on the booking widget when a customer is booking an appointment online.

• Product Prices and Images are configured to show when booking an appointment at a booking widget level.

• Product images should be the following dimensions 240px x 100px

    • Product images are also 

Assigning Products to a Queue

Once you have added the relevant information for the Product and then clicked Update Product. You will then see the the Assign tab become available. From here you can choose the queues and the venues you wish to assign products to.

Please note, assigning a product will make it available to advisors using the app within a few minutes. However it will automatically add the product to the web kiosk or bookings widgets. Those will need to be updated separately:

For booking widgets: Create and Customise Online Booking Interfaces

For Weblink kiosks: You can click Update Kiosk option when assigning products.

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