Important announcement:

We have now migrated to Verint Connect for all support. Please visit and login or create an account. You can then open a support ticket from here.


How do I open and manage support cases in the Verint Connect Portal?

The Support Essentials page offers many videos illustrating the process of effectively managing cases within the Verint Connect Portal. The product is named 'Retail Choreography' within Verint Connect.

How will Verint Connect improve your support experience?

Can I still create cases via email?

We have found that the use of email to create cases often slows the resolution of the issue. This is because emails often lack vital information, can be difficult to prioritize and, as a result, take longer to triage and route. To overcome these obstacles and expedite the resolution of your issue with the appropriate level of urgency, we have phased out the use of email and instead request use of the portal in its place. By leveraging the portal we can more accurately route issues, minimize the time required to gather essential information, and accelerate the resolution process.

Who can open a Verint Support Case?

Only authorized support contacts will be provided with access to the support process in the Verint Connect Portal. You will log into and use your assigned Verint Connect login (eg If you need to have a new contact added, you can reach out to our Global Service Desk by opening a Support case (or calling 1-888-983-7468 and selecting option #9). See Managing Authorized Contacts for Verint Connect for more information.

What happens to already open support cases?

Existing support cases that are open will be transferred and will be supported going forward utilizing Verint Connect as the web portal.

Can I send an attachment or screenshot via email?

Our security protocols for protecting Personal Identifiable Information (PII) mean that Verint can no longer accept attachments or screenshots via email. Attaching files will be supported by the GoAnywhere client which allows the rapid transfer of very large files with very high levels of security.

Can I filter my view of open cases to avoid seeing all my cases at once?

Yes! You can use filters to display only open cases, closed cases, or all cases. In addition, you can view all cases opened by your organization. Verint partners will also be able to filter the case view based on a specific customer.

Why don’t I see a case status?

We have simplified the presentation to focus on showing whether each case is waiting for action from Verint or from you.

Can I really close my case?

Yes, you can. By selecting the Close Case button, you can mark the case as closed, and the skilled support professional working on your issue will be informed that you have closed the case.