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Passing Order Number Web Kiosk

If you are offering customers the ability to remotely check-in for a collection, Qudini will allow you to pass the customers order number from the URL for the web kiosk.

Note: This method uses Kiosk Types as part of the set up, which is means your web kiosk URL does not need to use the Kiosk ID, but instead can use Merchant ID & Store ID & Kiosk Type.{url}&merchantId={num}&storeId={ID}&kioskType={Name_of_kiosk_type}&orderNumber={customerOrderNumber}

The existing URL convention can still be used with the addition of passing an Order Number{kioskID}&domain={url}&orderNumber={customerOrderNumber}


1. Go into Customisations > Kiosk Interface

2. Under the kiosk design templates section, in the Kiosk Types section, add a new Kiosk Type. This type will form part of the URL, the name must be unique for each type. Kiosk types are used at the identifier for a URL instruct Qudini which kiosk ID to use, rather than passing a kiosk ID, we can now use Store IDs.

3. Once created, go into the venue you wish to set up and assign a kiosk type to the relevant kiosk. Select Venue > Devices > Kiosks. Click on the kiosk you want to activate for passing order numbers to.

4. Assign the kiosk type you've just created to the kiosk. Don't worry, this will not break any existing Web Kiosk URLs that you have actively in use for that store. Customers can still use the old method of scanning a store specific QR Code that directs them through to the same web kiosk (e.g.{kioskIDhere}&

New Web Kiosk URL

Once you've completed these steps for the relevant venues, you will now be able to use the new URL format and pass in the Order Number:{url}&merchantId={num}&storeId={ID}&kioskType={kiosk_type}&orderNumber={customerOrderNumber}

If you are logged in as a Merchant Owner, the information you need to create the first sections of the URL can be seen within your Admin Portal:

The Kiosk Type will be what you have setup in the steps listed above.

The Order Number for the customer will then be passed into the Order Number field in the Customer Details section of the web kiosk:

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