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Adding the Subscription to Outlook (2013 / 2016)

Adding the Subscription to Outlook (2013 / 2016)

See View your appointments in an external calendar to first generate your calendar link. 

  1. With Outlook open, you will need to navigate to the Calendar section. Click on the Calendar Icon, or word “Calendar” in your Outlook to switch to the Calendar view.
  2. Now in the Calendar view, click on Open Calendar on the ribbon bar and choose From Internet.
  3. Paste the Calendar subscription URL into the box.

  4. Press OK to confirm that you want to add it.
  5. Click Yes to finish subscribing to the Calendar.
  6. You will now see the new Calendar Subscription. You can rename the subscription by Right clicking on your Untitled Calendar Subscription, then click on Properties. Then edit the calendar name.


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