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New Add Customer Interface

When we released the new version of our tablet application it came with a new add customer flow which changed the process for many of our customers. The reason we made the original change was in order to support the more complex journeys that many of our customers had such as entering customer questions, or having different required fields for each product or queue. 

We understand however that not everyone liked this flow, and in some cases we had feedback it had slowed you down from the simple journey where you just need to add a name and a product. We listened to this feedback and have been busy working on an improved version which brings back the simplicity you had in our old app, but with the flexibility some users need for more complex journeys. 

A new option to quickly add a walk-in or booking

The old version required two clicks to add a customer or create a booking.

We've replaced the + button and popup with three icons which are always shown on the navigation bar.

Quicker process for adding customers

Product selection now fills the whole screen and is ordered as per the product ordering settings. This makes it quick to find the product you need.

The details page is now much larger with the buttons to proceed now at the top of the screen.
Complete will add the customer and return you to the queue screen.
Complete & Add New will add the customer and return to the product selection page. This is ideal for when you're quickly adding customer after customer.
Tip: When entering the customers details you can move to the next field by pressing the enter key on the keyboard

This new journey is currently optional and can be enabled for your account by contacting 

The booking journey has not been changed yet but will follow this interface in due course.

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