How to create Product Add-Ons

When creating products you now have the ability to also create additional service add-ons to a core product.

Product Add-Ons are ONLY available for Appointment Bookings.

When creating a product/add-on you need to update the drop down menu to the appropriate setting.

You have 3 options. Product only, Add-On only, and Product and Add-On.

Once you have given the product a name and time press Add Product to create the service.

To ensure that the Add-on can be selected during the booking process. You need to ensure the “Show For..” section is completed.

You need to enable it for Bookings.

Once this is done press Save.

Once you have created the Add-ons you now need to assign them to the appropriate Product

When adding the Add-Ons to the product there are additional settings which can be configured.

One setting is the Customer Selection Limit – This setting limits the amount of Add-ons you can select during the create booking process.

The next step is assigning the Add-on to the product. To do this you need to do the following:

        1.Press Set. This will open a pop-up where you are provided the list of Add-ons available to be assigned.

        2.Selected/deselect the add-ons that are assigned to the service.

        3.Press Assign. This will then activate the add-ons for this particular service.

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