How to do Qudini Deep Linking - booking widget v1

Qudini offers a standard Online booking interface or can custom build online booking interface designs that can be integrated into your website by one of the following methods.

Deep linking

This continues to use the Qudini standard journey's and requires little additional development. We provide a url scheme that allows linking directly into specific parts of the customer journey. For example the existing store finder could link straight to the product selection for the selected store by passing an existing store ID. The full details of this are below: 

Embedded mode

When deep linking or using the booking widget it is possible to set the page into 'embedded mode'. This means that the header and footer is removed from the page. This is useful when creating an iframe of the booking widget on an existing page.

To do this add ?embedded=true at the end of the url.


Embedded language mode

When deep linking or using the booking widget with multiple languages, it is possible to set the page into 'embedded language mode'. This means that the language code parsed in the URL will load the booking widget in that language and remove the language selector. Where the language code parsed in the URL does not exist on the widget, this will fallback to the default language and display the language selector.

The language code is not case sensitive so es or ES will work.


This works with Embedded mode also


Depending on your Browser locale, the booking widget will also load in the same language if it is available. If not, it will fallback to the default language.

Obtaining Location

When iFraming the Booking Widget onto your website, be sure to add an additional parameter to the iFrame in order to allow Qudini to get location permissions from their page:



<iframe src="" height="1000" width="100%" allow="geolocation;"></iframe>

Booking Confirmation

Our booking widget is now able to send custom events when a booking is made. So that we can track analytics of bookings in your site which Qudini is iframed into if you have something like Adobe Analytics.



customMessageSender: "Qudini",     

schedulingType: "Appointment",     

analyticsEvent: "Confirmation",

analyticsData: {

   "customerIdentifier": "cd9155204b841437a9e80c7994a2390371a"




URL Conventions Booking V1 Only

Store finder page:

This page is our standard store finder page which can be the start of a booking Journey, it will allow a full end to end booking but often we find clients will have their own store finder so will likely not use this page.

Store specific page:

This link directs to the store based on the ‘qudini venueId’ for that store (116 in this case)

Its also possible to direct by 3rd party 'Store ID' e.g if the merchant have their own ID’s which can be configured within each venue.


Product specific page:

If you’re designing a journey which has a custom selection of products, its possible to also deep link straight to a specific product. In this example the product 30433 is for “Product advice” so links the customer straight to this selection.

There is also then a Store ID version of the product deep link page:

Product ID’s

The product ID’s can either be provided by us, or our API can be used to retrieve them via a JSON array.

The API:

Staff specific page:

If you’re designing a journey which has a custom selection of staff available for specific products, its possible to also deep link straight to the staff selector.

This uses the same URL for Product specific page but with the following options required to be set within Qudini:

  • Define bookings slots by = Staff Booking Availability Only (Booking Settings at Queue level)

  • Show staff selector page = ON (Booking Widget Settings)

Custom Domains

If a client requires a custom domain this can be done via a CNAME record pointing to our usual booking page. 


  • Client creates a CNAME DNS record on their own domain targeting Qudini's booking page. E.g → 

  • Qudini creates an SSL certificate for the company's domain ( The company will need to validate this request. See the guide at:

  • Once validated Qudini will add this Certificate to the ALB hosting the clients booking pages.

Please note:

In order for online booking to function, including via deep linking, you will need to configure each of the following settings for each venue included:

- opening hours

- venue address

- products (aka services) within each queue as needed.

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