Events Overview

Events are a fantastic way to engage a wide audience within your store and generate increased loyalty with your customers. 

This guide will show you the basics of the events platform and will link to other guides on how to create, manage and use events.

How does the events platform work?

Venue Admins create an event then using the supplied booking links publicise these to their customer base either over social media or via internal channels. Customers are able to click on the link and search by topic or by date to find the event they can attend. 

By entering basic customer information they are able to book into a specific event, receiving automated email and SMS confirmations and reminders.  

Events in Qudini are created by Venue Admins. They comprise of three main components:

  1. A Topic

  2. An Event Series

  3. An Event

You must have all 3 in order to create an event and publicise it to your customers. 


The first thing to create for your event is an event topic. You can create as many topics as you like. Topics are templates for your events; prescribing core information and branding which are used as a basis for an actual event. You do not set any time and dates just yet. A topic describes what the event will be, and is then used later on to create the event itself. 

Event Series

These are ways of containing multiple topics that are grouped together by a common theme, for example by brand or by content. You must assign topics to an event series in order to create an event. If you do not have any event series, or require new ones, please contact your dedicated Qudini Project Manager. 

An Event

Once you have a selection of topics and they are assigned to an Event Series. You can now create an event. Venue Admins can access the events platform, select an event series, select the topic and then create the event. 

To create an event click here {link to event guide}

Accessing the Events platform

To access the Events platform, in the top ribbon bar select Events

*Please note only store admins can access the events platform.

Once pressed you will be taken to a screen like the one below:

A list of all upcoming events will be shown, with some high level statistics on your events 

On the left you will see different tabs to perform specific actions:

  • All future events: this is where you can manage existing events or create new ones

  • Past events: a history of all your events held or created

  • Topics: where you can manage (and create) the topics for your events

  • Booking Links: a list of event booking links where customers can book in using

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