Configure: SMS settings for walk ins

When using Qudini you have access to automated messages to customers when they are added to your virtual queue, these SMS’s are triggered automatically and are a great way to engage with customers in your store without even needing to do anything! 

Setting us SMS are controlled at a venue level. To configure your SMS’s log in to Qudini using a Venue Admin or higher permissions:

  1. Click on the Admin tab in the main banner bar

  2. Select the queue for which you want to configure SMS settings for

  3. Click on SMS settings

You are now at the point where you can configure your SMS settings. There are 5 key sections to the SMS’s for various journeys within Qudini:

  1. Automatic Call Back: the SMS sent to the customer based on their position or due time to inform them when to come back to store. This is the only configurable SMS in terms of timing

  2. Walk-in check in messages: these are messages sent to the customer when they are added to the queue, based on the current wait time. The content can differ based on how long the customer is expected to wait

  3. Walk-in call back messages: this section relates to messages sent to customers when their service is due to start, or starting

  4. Walk-in finishing messages: relate to messages sent to a customer once they have finished their service and are leaving the store, or if they are marked as a no show

  5. Booking Messages: these messages only relate to customers who have booked an appointment and are covered separately in more detail

  6. Walk-in Reminder/Update messages: various reminder and update SMS’s available based on different parameters

Clicking in on each of these sections will reveal the available SMS’s you can send based on when they are triggered. All messages in this section are automated and the timing cannot be changed. 

An example would be:

  1. Click on the type of SMS you wish to configure

  1. Once clicked, you will see the details of the SMS 

a. On the left you will see the trigger for the SMS - these cannot be changed

b. On the right you will see the SMS content, this can be edited up to 160 characters

c. This toggle will enable or disable this SMS from being sent to the customer

d. Save the SMS content

Please note, if you edit your SMS content, press save before doing anything else! Do not edit content then switch the SMS on using the toggle, this will reset your content back. Edit the content and then press save

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