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Transfer a customer to a different queue

When a customer has been added to a queue in your store, sometimes they may need to be transferred to a different queue in order to continue with their service. 

Transferring a customer after service

In the case where the customer has been served and you identify that they need another service that should be completed by someone else in a separate queue, you can transfer the customer across to the new queue.

When finishing the service of the customer you will be presented with the Finish Service pop-up.

  1. On the finish service pop-up you can select the Transfer to queue option

You will then be directed to the Transfer Customer process where you can select the new queue and product.  

  1. On the transfer customer screen, you can select which queue you would like to transfer the customer to by clicking on the chosen queue.

  1. You will then be prompted to select a product from the dropdown of available options.

  1. When you then click on transfer the customer will be removed from their current queue and added to the end of the new queue.

NB: when transferring a customer, they will be added to the end of the new queue, their original time of joining will not be transferred

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