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Qudini desktop release notes

Version: 4.2.0

What's new?

  • We now have Post Visit Emails for Events and Appointments, providing the ability to gain customer feedback after their service
  • Maximum group size can be set for each queue in order to prevent customers with a group size larger than the limit to join from the Web Kiosk and Online Booking Interface
  • Language support for Polish and French Canada

What’s been improved?

  • A new column has been added in Venue Users v2 to display the users role(s) assigned, removing the need to open the user details to see
  • Quoted on the customer card has now been renamed to Estimated following user feedback
  • Call back icon has changed from a phone to a bell following user feedback
  • SSO users are now read-only to prevent editing users within the Qudini platform
  • When automatically assigning an advisor to bookings, the advisor with the least number of bookings for that day will now be chosen first to ensure an even distribution
  • Other nearby stores dropdown on the Online Booking Interface now sorts results by distance

What’s been fixed?

  • Advisor selection within the time slot for the Staff Booking Wizard now retains the advisor selected

  • Push back is now working as intended instead of giving the impression to the user that it was

  • Bookings manager user can now use the search venues function within the Bookings Manager page

  • Rescheduling a booking using the Bookings Manager page for a product with questions

  • Prevention of booking slots being displayed before booking availability starts

  • Newly archived products no longer remain displayed on the Web Kiosk

  • Appointments that have been cleared automatically as no shows are now removed from the UI

  • Prevention of duplicating a booking by double clicking using Bookings Manager

  • Clicking outside of the Booking Wizard box no longer closes it on Bookings Manager

  • Rescheduling on Bookings Manager now keeps the first and last name fields intact

  • Mandatory phone number can no longer be bypassed on Bookings Manager

  • Email pattern validation on Bookings Manager is now consistent with the Online Booking Interface

  • Rescheduling retains the advisor purposefully selected or automatically picks the advisor with availability on Bookings Manager

  • Phone number field no longer needs to be pressed on reschedule with the Bookings Manager

  • Staff Availability slots are now loading when only 1 advisor has availab and 'Anyone' is selected in the Bookings Manager drop-down

  • When a venue is 'deselected' from a Online Booking Interface config, all slots now return as 'unavailable'

What's behind the curtains? Speak to your account manager if you'd like early access to this new and exciting feature that can only be enabled by Qudini

  • An overhaul of the Customer Cards on the Queues page, which hosts our popular buttons on the card so you don't need to open Customer Details to serve a customer for example

Version: 4.1.0

What's new?

  • Qudini now has Single Sign On (SSO) capability. Speak to your account manager if you would like to know more on how to get setup

Version: 4.0.1 - 4.0.20

What's new?

  • Qudini now has our new branding and logo. This will appear on all existing Qudini branded screens. Any screens you have set with your own branding won't be changed
  • New Analytics dashboards are available

  • History All Queues: Users can now choose to go back in time on the queue screen rather than needing to switch to the history view. This is an optional feature but will in future replace the history screen

  • Desktop notifications available for user of Task management

  • Multi-Language Product's are now supported on Kiosks, Online Booking Interface, Customer Wenlink and Customer Emails/SMS

  • iCal support: You can now subscribe to an iCal link for your bookings to see them directly in your calendar app (e.g Outlook, Google Calendar)

  • A new UI for managing your users is available to trial. Speak to support if you'd like this enabled.

  • Advisors who are due to start their shift later in the day will now appear in a new 'Advisors Due' section on the all queues interface in parity with our Store Team App

  • Zoom Integration: Qudini can now generate a Zoom URL for bookings that can be conducted over video call. Speak to your account manager if you'd like this enabled

  • Events: We have now introduced a Webinar setting within an Event. With Webinar enabled, all location addresses are removed and a URL for where the Webinar is being hosted can be communicated to your attendees via Email and/or SMS

  • Task Management: We've now introduced Task Checklists & Attachments. This means you can set requirements in order to define a Task as 'done'. Only once the Checklist and/or Attachments are marked as 'done' if set, then the Task can be completed

  • Join Queue via SMS: We've now introduced the ability to join a queue via SMS. Speak to your account manager if you'd like this enabled

  • Multi-Language Questions and Answers are now supported on the Online Booking Interface & Customer Weblink

  • Online Booking Interface: Ability to pass a language code when embedded as an iFrame

  • Merchant Admin & Venue User Account Created Emails: These are now fully rebranded and are sent in the language of the Merchant (for Merchant Admin Accounts) and Venue (for Venue Accounts) if we support it

  • Reminder SMS/Emails: We've introduced a new setting where Reminder SMS/Email will be sent if created during the Reminder period. By default this setting is OFF, therefore a Reminder SMS/Email is not sent if created during the Reminder period

  • Occupancy: We've now introduced a new feature to manage occupancy. Speak to support/your account manager if you'd like to know more

  • Staff Email Notifications have been improved further to update advisors when a Booking that is/was assigned to them has been rescheduled, reassigned or cancelled by another advisor or the customer

  • Group Sizes can now be captured across the platform

  • Under Occupancy page has been added to our web kiosk to inform customers they do not need to join a virtual queue. This is automatically displayed when under occupancy

  • Customers can now marked themselves as arrived for an Appointment via the Weblink. Speak to your account manager if you'd like this feature enabled

  • Customer configurable calendar ICS: Customer appointment calendar ICS can now be customised at Queue level with a range of placeholders available

  • Online Booking Interface List View: A new setting has been introduced on whether to show/hide the Product & Add-on times

  • Web Kiosk Passive Statement: You can now display a statement of your own wording which will display on the Customer Details page without any action required by the customer

  • Staff booking email iCal attachments: iCal attachments are now available for confirmation, reschedule, reassign and cancellation staff booking emails

  • Occupancy Control: Queue level setting to instruct customers to join the queue or head straight into the store if there is capacity available and no customers waiting in the virtual queue

  • Web Kiosk Notes: You can now capture notes from customers

What’s been improved?

  • We now support Chinese. Translations have been added across the whole system
  • Additional Kiosk Template Translation Fields available
  • We now show advisors who are due later in the day again. This brings back a feature that was available on the old queue screens

  • A big focus on performance: We are rolling out a new push based system which will ensure that stores with multiple users are always in sync. This will also improve the speed in which the app for a single user works too. This is being rolled out for some users initially. If you are interested in trialing this please contact support

  • We have redesigned the Create/Edit Task interface to remove the accordions to make the process faster

  • The search bar in Calendar now displays 'No results' if there are no results returned

  • Our Zoom integration is now configurable on a per Merchant Product basis and allows custom Topic & Description content, Available Placeholders, Reallocation of Host (for paid Zoom account users only), Rescheduling, Cancellation and Status display

  • Additional Events & Online Booking Interface Translation Fields available

  • The date displayed on a customer Weblink is now translated to the customer language defined in the Add Customer/Create Booking journey

  • Additional placeholder translations have been added for the Online Booking Interface for answers to a customer question

  • We've now removed the ability to edit answers by staff for the question type After Service by Customer

  • Language selection for Kiosk Templates & Add Customer or Create Booking in Queues now displays in the language of the user logged in

  • Converting a Walk-in to a Booking now sends all expected SMS/Emails as per the configuration set. In addition to this, a unique Booking reference is given and the customer is sent a functioning Weblink so they are able to Cancel or Reschedule themselves

  • The 'bubbles' on History V2 customer details now display if a Walk-in or Booking was cancelled by an advisor or customer, followed by an additional field to audit this

  • The Online Booking Interface has been improved for more branding colour coordination and general smartphone experience

  • Calendar appointment cards are now scaled to actual appointment length

  • Clearer information has been added on the messages tab when there is no phone number for the customer

  • Add Customer/Create Booking pop-ups no longer close by pressing on the Grey area to prevent accidental closure

  • Character limits have been upped for Customer Questions and Product Descriptions to allow for more information

  • The Back & Complete buttons on the Online Booking Interface now 'float' when scrolling on the Customer Details page to avoid having to scroll back to the top

  • Questions are now visible on History V2 inn a read-only format

  • Support manager role now have the ability to reset passwords for venue users manually

  • Previously answered question answers are now pre-populated when the customer reschedules their appointment via the Online Booking Interface

  • Buttons to scroll weekly on the Online Booking Interface so the customer doesn't have to rely on the date picker

  • Distance in Miles for the Online Booking Interface is now rounded to 1 decimal point

  • Back button for the Online Booking Interface on mobile phones is now linked to the Secondary Button Colour

  • Online Booking Interface questions are now displayed if rescheduling a customer booked via the Online Booking Interface using Queues or Calendar

  • Occupancy capacity logic for the Kiosk on when to inform the customers whether to join the queue or not, now accounts for queuing customers

  • 5 minute booking slot intervals option for Online Booking Interface and Staff Booking Wizard

  • Increased the automated SMS call back to position 50

What’s been fixed?

  • Finish Serving & No Show Placeholder Fix 

  • Booking Widget Map Search in Locale Language

  • We fixed an issue with the wording on the password reset flow. It's much more clear now if your password reset has been completed

  • Automatically update Advisor Details upon reallocate

  • We've fixed an issue where re-allocating a customer could result in the customer name disappearing

  • Ability to delete customer notes fully

  • Consistently display Skillsets assigned to an advisor

  • The default language of the Merchant is now shown correctly when creating a new Kiosk Template

  • Leaving a Click & Collect queue via the Weblink will no longer result in the customer transitioning to Ready to Collect

  • Customer questions/answers now display correctly within Customer Details when in Ready to Collect

  • Made the 'Find new slot' button on the Online Booking Interface size responsive to accommodate longer text

  • Products & Descriptions now update correctly on the Online Booking Interface when a change has been made to an existing product in Product Settings

  • Email sender for a Custom HTML email template is now applied correctly

  • Updating a user within Venue Users (Merchant) no longer deactivates the modified user

  • Customer questions after service now display on the Customer Weblink when using the Remote Queueing journey

  • On occasion, slow loading of customers waiting on the Queues UI

  • Quick Add product drop-down no longer overlays the mobile field

  • Post visit SMS are no longer sent to customers marked as No-Shows

  • Resolution and prevention of duplicate Kiosk products appearing for a very few select venues

  • Correct queue colour applied to the customer card tile when a customer is transferred when waiting in the queue without having to refresh

  • Customer questions on the Online Booking Interface are now captured when answered during a customer reschedule

  • Setting availability in Calendar when the clocks change within the first hour of venue opening no longer fails

  • Online Booking Interface iFrame back button, incognito and session cookies fixed

  • Book follow-up to a different queue/product no longer results in an error

  • Customer questions now load correctly for the Online Booking Interface on Firefox and Firefox BETA for older tablets/phones

  • Previously answered question answers are now pre-populated when the staff reschedules an appointment via the Calendar in parity with Queues

  • The Back button for the Online Booking Interface Store Booking links where 'Do not show product page if only one product' is enabled is no longer displayed

  • Events calendar is no longer disabled for future dates

  • Booking reminder emails/SMS should no longer send multiple times to the same customer when the system is under extreme load

  • Post visit SMS is now sent for Occupancy queue types

  • Sensitive data removal is now catered for Occupancy queue types

Release date: 19th November 2019

Version: 4.0.0

What’s new?

  • Queues 

    • The All Queues screen is now out of its beta phase and so replaces previous queue and concierge screens.

    • For customers in the queue, you are now able to push back the customer multiple places in the queue in one action, as opposed to pushing them back one place at a time.

    • For customers in service, it is now possible for an advisor to adjust the length of service up or down by time periods other than 5 minutes. 

  • Calendar

    • The Calendar screen is now out of its beta phase and so replaces previous calendar screens.

    • Within the calendar you are now able to search for appointment bookings within specific queues.

  • Task management

    • Drive cross-organization collaboration and productivity with Qudini Task Management, by  enabling your head office teams, regional managers and store teams to create and manage tasks for your store estate. Enable your head office team to better communicate action items, information and motivational messages to stores on a daily basis. Speak to your Project Manager for more information.

  • Analytics

    • Venue Admin users now have access to venue specific analytics dashboards, giving them additional reporting and insight into their venue operations.

What’s been improved?

  • Calendar

    • Calendar v1 has now permanently been replaced by the Calendar interface which has been in beta for the past twelve months.

  • Queues

    • The Queue and Concierge screens have now permanently been replaced by the All Queues interface which has been in beta for the past twelve months.

    • The All Queues v1 interface has now permanently been replaced by the All Queues interface which has been in beta for the past twelve months.

    • When viewing advisors who are on a break, you are now able to see both the time taken and the time remaining more clearly on the advisor card.

  • Performance

    • The process for cleansing sensitive data has been optimised to run more effectively if the time to clear sensitive data is short.

  • Events

    • We’ve improved the layout and styling on the Event Detail page, by removing some shadowing, borders, and blurring effects.

  • Settings

    • We’ve removed links to a couple of redundant pages from the Compliance section.


What’s been fixed?

  • Bookings
    • We’ve adjusted the validation on the date fields through the different booking journeys, so that dates don’t get flagged as invalid when they aren’t.
    • When a booking is rescheduled, the notes from the original booking will be carried over to the new booking to ensure consistent maintenance of data.
    • When a customer looks to leave the booking confirmation page, they will no longer be warned about leaving the website.
    • Product add-ons are now supported within the staff facing create booking journey.
    • Queues
    • For Waitlist / Click & Collect queues, the Hide Collecting View setting now consistently works, enabling the collection view to show or not as needed.
    • As a server only, you are now unable to Transfer a Customer at the end of service, as per expected behaviour.
    • Within the Customer Details popup, we’ve corrected the format of the time when the customer was marked as arrived and also the time the customer was added to Qudini.

Release date: 18th July 2019

Version: 3.5.0

What’s new?

  • Queues (beta)
    • On waitlist queues, you are now able to scroll forward to future dates to see appointments booked in for those future days.
    • Now for waitlist queues you are able to ‘serve’ and ‘finish’ customers on future days, allowing you to complete the first two steps of the three step process whenever you need to, rather than wait until the day the customer is due to arrive.
    • When viewing the advisors list, you now have controls available to allow you to sort the list by serving status (serving, available, unavailable), alphabetical by advisor name (first name, surname), alphabetical by queue name, and by the next available. 
    • Within your process for staff members adding customers to the walk-in queues or creating bookings, the Customer Details fields can now be enabled or disabled, as well as being made mandatory or non-mandatory, so that you only gather necessary information from customers.
    • From the Customer Details popup, you are now able to view a new area entitled “Audit Information”, which displays details of changes to a customer’s queue, product, or advisor, giving you visibility of any adjustments made to the customer’s service.
    • As a concierge, you are now able to allocate a customer to advisor’s who are serving in a different queue to that which the customer is in.  This would temporarily switch the advisor to the customer’s queue in order to complete the service.
  • Bookings
    • For staff created bookings, there is now a new queue level setting that enables concierge users to still create bookings even when no booking availability is present.
  • Privacy statements
    • Merchant Administration users are now able to set a privacy statement that can be inserted into the various journeys related to adding customers into Qudini, including: Staff Create Booking; Staff Add Customer; Customer Online Booking; Customer Kiosk Join Queue; Customer Event Booking Sign Up; Staff Create Event Booking Signup.
  • Multi-venue users
    • You now have the ability to have a venue user access more than one venue with the same username and password, through a process of requesting and authorising access between the venues. This facilitates the ability for venue users to move between venues in their role of server or concierge, selecting which venue they are signing in to when they sign in.

What’s been improved?

  • Queues (beta)
    • You are now able to access SMS templates from the Messages section of the Customer’s Details, allowing you to select an SMS from a set of predetermined messages.
  • Calendar (beta)
    • When creating an appointment booking via the Calendar, you are now able to see the queue colour indicators. 
  • Bookings
    • When making a booking and the selected booking slot has been selected at the same time by additional customers, you are now notified of the slot becoming unavailable.
  • Resource management
    • You are now prevented from creating either a resource or a resource attribute that has the same name as an existing resource or resource attribute, and are advised to change your new entity’s name. 
  • Skill Sets
    • During the online appointment booking journey when the staff selection step is enabled, if there are no staff members available who have the necessary skills to serve the appointment, you are now advised of the fact that there are no advisors available.
  • Settings
    • At a queue level, when setting which customer identification fields are present within the add customer journey, you are now able to set whether the fields are not visible, visible and non-mandatory, or visible and mandatory.  
    • At a queue level, when setting which customer identification fields are present within the create booking journey, you are now able to set whether the fields are not visible, visible and non-mandatory, or visible and mandatory. 
    • At the Venue Admin level, the interface for managing venue users has been updated to enable additional venue user settings, and improve the experience.

What’s been fixed?

  • Queues (beta)
    • The customer’s language is now being saved during the creation of an appointment booking by an advisor, whereas previously it would default to the venue’s default language.
    • When viewing the Customer Details for an appointment booking customer, the selected product is now displayed.
    • As a concierge, when transferring a customer from one queue to another, you will no longer be met with an error
    • You are now able to finish serving a customer and mark them as a ‘no show’ even if the customer is in service.
    • For booking customers who are viewed on future days, you are now able to see any questions and answers that relate to booking customers only.
    • As a Server only, when there is at least one customer in the queue the next button will appear for the server if it has been configured on their user account
  • Kiosk App
    • When an order number is added by the customer via the kiosk app, this order number is now saved, and displayed to staff members.
  • Events
    • When editing the status of an event attendee after the event has occurred, you will now consistently see the status options presented in a dropdown list, rather than it change between buttons and a dropdown list.
  • Settings
    • With the Threshold Alerts that alert designated people when certain service states occur (e.g. when the queue reaches x customers, or the customer wait time exceeds y minutes) these have been tidied up so that the service states always trigger the alerts.

Release date: 26th March 2019


What’s new?

  • Resource Management

    • Linking to appointment bookings, resource management allows you to set-up resources (this might include; rooms, desks, video conferencing facilities, screens, mobility devices and more) and links these to the specific product / service types, so that appointments are only scheduled when suitable resources are available. (please speak to your project manager for more information)

  • Skill matching

    • Linking to appointment bookings, skill matching allows you to match the best staff to serve specific product / service types, through linking staff member skills to product / service skills, so that appointments are scheduled with appropriate members of the team. (please speak to your project manager for more information)

  • Private customer journey

    • Within the Add Customer journey within the All Queues View (beta) you are now able to enforce the presentation of a privacy statement before adding any walk-in customer that the staff member can read or present to the customer in order to gain their agreement for storing their details.  If the customer does not agree to the statement, they can be added to the queue without the gathering of personally identifiable data.  If they agree to the statement they can be added through a standard add customer journey.


What’s been improved?

  • Queues

    • When viewing the customer card for a booking customer in a waitlist queue, you will now be able to see the time of the booking

    • When switching between service queues and waitlist queues, the transition is now improved

    • When viewing the customer card for customers in a waitlist queue, you will now be able to click to open full Customer Details of the customer and their service information

  • Kiosk App

    • For the Customer Details page of the Add Customer journey on the kiosk, administrators are now able to greater control the appearance and behaviour of the mobile phone number field (through options to show/hide and make mandatory/non-mandatory)


What’s been fixed?

  • Kiosk App

    • Customers are now able to check-in for their appointment using their email address or mobile phone number without difficulty.

    • Customers attempting to check-in for an appointment on a future day (i.e not today) using their booking reference will no longer cause the app to close.

    • When the app performs a background refresh, the app no longer closes the keyboard

    • The main text on the Confirmation page of the Add Customer journey is now mapped to the Secondary Text Colour in the Customisation Settings.

  • Online Booking Interface

    • The appointment time, as shown on the Customer Details step in the make appointment journey, now shows in the timezone of the venue being booked, not in the timezone of the device being used to make the appointment.

Release date: 19th February 2019


What’s new?

  • Bookings

    • You are now able to include a queue selection page within the online booking journey, allowing you direct customers through an additional selection step before choosing their products to make product selection more focused.

    • We’ve now introduced the opportunity to include a Terms and Conditions statement on the Customer Details step of the online booking journey, giving you the freedom to edit the text and link it to the set Terms and Conditions link

  • General

    • Qudini now integrates with Rotageek, the staff scheduling application, which allows for staff members and their availability to be managed within Rotageek and for their details and availability to automatically synchronise with Qudini.

    • It is now possible to set whether new users should receive an email notifying them of the need to set a password in order to use Qudini, which suits the needs of customers who want individual users not to sign in to the application and for service to be managed solely by a concierge.


What’s been improved?

  • General

    • Within the SMS settings, we’ve now extended the list of available placeholders, so that you can pull in even more variable information into your SMS messages.

    • Translations have been improved across the application, in Spanish, Arabic, Korean and Japanese.


What’s been fixed?

  • Queues

    • The navigation at the top of the page now has the ‘more’ option returned, to help you navigate around when the screen size is reduced.

    • It is now no longer possible to change a product for a booking customer due to its impact on booking availability.  Product changes can now be done through the rescheduling of the booking.

    • The distorted layout of the Customer Details screen when field validation is shown has been resolved to ensure a consistent appearance.

    • The control to restrict the sending of free hand text messages is now enabled, allowing organisations the ability to stop users sending non-templated or pre-configured  messages to customers.

  • General

    • The default language that is set within Merchant Details is now being considered when a new ticket template is created via style templates.

Release date: 22nd January 2019


What’s been improved?

  • General
    • The primary navigation across the Qudini application has been updated to give greater consistency across different areas of the service.

    • Translations across the application have been updated to increase their coverage and improve understanding.

What’s new?

  • Bookings
    • Users with the role of Booking Manager are now able to search for venues by the customer’s location, rather than just select from a list, ensuring that the nearest venue to the customer is selected.

    • When creating a booking you are now able to give customers the ability to select both a primary product/service and additional products/services for service in the same booking.  These ‘add-ons’ can be added within Merchant Products.

    • When creating your online booking template, you now have the option to select whether your products appear in the traditional card selection view or the new list view, making your layouts more customisable.

  • Kiosk

    • Users of the latest version of the Kiosk App are now able to display customer questions during the queue joining process, in a similar way to that available on the online booking platform and staff member add customer journey.

    • Users of the latest version of the Kiosk App are now able to have customers checking in for their event via the kiosk.

    • Users of the latest version of the Kiosk App are now able to have one click queue joining from the Kiosk App, allowing for use in scenarios such as Calling a Colleague to a particular location.  

    • When a queue is full or has no availability, it is now possible to add an image to the kiosk notification screen, which can be used to direct customers to other areas of service.

  • Queues

    • A new setting has been added which enables venues to determine whether you are able to mark a customer as having ‘walked out’ whilst in the add customer process.  This records the customer has having attended and walked out, ensuring that all customer interactions are tracked.

Release date: 13th November 2018


What’s been fixed?

  • Queues

    • When the Beta All Queues view is viewed on an iPad mini browser in portrait mode, the navigation is now no longer displayed

    • When the Beta All Queues view is viewed on an iPad mini browser the ‘Set unavailable’ button is now replaced by a button with a clock icon

    • When the Beta All Queues view is viewed on an iPad mini browser and you navigate away and then return, the ‘more’ navigation item now no longer disappears

    • When setting an advisor as having returned from a break they now won’t disappear from the advisor list for a period of time

    • When adding an anonymous customer in the Beta All Queues view, selecting a product will now automatically take you to the next step in the add customer journey

    • When adding a walk-in customer to a queue in the Beta All Queues view, you are now only presented with products available for walk-in customers

    • Within the Beta All Queues view, as a server, you are now able to view and edit customer questions

    • Within the Beta All Queues view, when you are viewing future days bookings, you now see the customer questions answered icon on the customer card

What’s been improved?

  • Calendar

    • From the Beta Calendar you are now able to access Customer Details for future bookings in order to manage the booking 

  • Queues

    • From the Beta All Queues view you are now able to access Customer Details for future bookings in order to manage the booking

What’s new?

  • Bookings

    • You are now able to replace the link to the Qudini Cookie Policy on the online booking interface with a link to your own Cookie Policy.  Your cookie policy must also include reference to Qudini Cookies or third party cookies in order to ensure you are informing customers of all cookies used.

Release date: 16th October 2018


What’s been fixed?

  • Calendar 

    • When you open the date picker, the current date no longer disappears, in the beta version of the calendar

  • Events

    • When editing an event, the pop-up now populates both the topic card and banner images

  • Kiosk App

    • You are now able to remove an image you have uploaded to the kiosk, rather than having to replace the template with a new one

  • Queues

    • Outcomes are no longer bypassed when the ‘Next’ customer button is pressed within the queue interface

What’s been improved?

  • Admin

    • Venue Admin users now have the ability to activate and deactivate Qudini venue user accounts, previously only available for Merchant Admin users

    • When creating new kiosk templates, the new templates will now display at the bottom of the template list, rather than the top

    • The customer title field has now been included in the list of available placeholders for use with booking emails, SMS, and events

  • Bookings

    • The title field can now be included for customers to complete when creating their appointment booking via the online booking interface.

    • When updating notes associated with a rescheduled customer booking these are now appended to the original booking, rather than replacing the original notes

    • The cookie policy that is accessible from the footer of the online booking interface/events booking now points to a Qudini Cookie Policy, as Qudini Cookies are the ones being used to deliver the service to the customer

    • The privacy policy and terms & conditions, that is accessible from the footer of the online booking interface/events booking, can now be configured to a URL of your choice

    • Postcode field can now be set as ‘do not show’, ‘show as not mandatory’ and ‘show as mandatory’ on the online booking interface. By default, the field is not shown unless the field was previously set as mandatory

  • Calendar 

    • It’s now possible to access the Customer Details popup directly from the Calendar, allowing access to details of the current day booking customers.

  • Events

    • The title field can now be included for customers to complete when creating their event booking.

    • It is now possible to edit an attendees status after the end of the event, with the period of time that it can be edited configurable on a per event series basis.

    • Group size can now be configured in the Add Customer/Edit Customer popup for attendees

  • Kiosk App v2

    • Controls now exist that allow admin users to disable the customer join a queue journey from the Qudini Kiosk App

    • Identification of customers checking in for appointment bookings via the kiosk can now be done by mobile number, as well as email address and booking reference.

    • There is now the ability to customise the message which is shown to customers when they attempt to join a queue that has become full or for which there is no longer advisor availability 

  • Queues

    • The warning which appears when you try and serve a customer when a booking customer is due, which was in place in All Queues v1, has now been included in the new All Queues beta version

    • Customer questions asked ‘When Joining’ can now be configured to be enabled or disabled on a per queue basis

    • Customer questions can now be configured on a per venue basis

    • Products can now be made to appear in a specific order when presented to customers on the kiosk application or for advisors during the add customer journey

    • When sending messages via the Customer Details Messages interface, the sent message now appears instantly in the sent messages pane, rather than having to refresh the pane

    • General performance improvements have been made in order to speed up the responsiveness of the beta version of All Queues and general improvements have been made to messaging to ensure they are more descriptive and informative

  • General

    • Translations have been improved throughout the application

    • Error messaging has been improved throughout the application

What’s new?

  • Admin

    • A new merchant admin navigation item of Compliance has been added, which contains settings related to service policies (e.g. setting the link to your privacy policy) 

    • New controls have been added to determine whether customer questions and customer description data should be included in the sensitive data clearance process, in order to support GDPR requirements.

    • There is now the ability to include explanatory text as to why you are collecting the data you’re requesting of customers within customer questions, wherever they appear, which supports GDPR requirements.

    • Customer data sent via Nexmo SMS is now redacted as per the merchant’s sensitive data clearance schedule

  • Bookings

    • The Sender ID of emails sent in relation to appointment bookings can now be set on the booking email template, and by default it will be populated with the name of the merchant account being used

    • There is now the ability to include explanatory text as to why you are collecting the data you’re requesting of customers, which supports GDPR requirements.

    • A notification email is now sent to the assigned advisor when an appointment booking is assigned to them or when it is cancelled by the customer

    • A placeholder now exists which when used will allow you to include the customer questions (and answers) within booking email templates.

    • You are now able to show a price and a description for the products available for booking

  • Events

    • There is now the ability to include explanatory text as to why you are collecting the data you’re requesting of customers, which supports GDPR requirements.

  • Kiosk App v2

    • The kiosk app will now consider the device’s opening hours and automatically show a closed message when the service using the device is not open

    • There is now the ability to include explanatory text as to why you are collecting the data you’re requesting of customers, which supports GDPR requirements

  • Queues

    • You are now able to scroll through or select future dates to see customer activity such as bookings lined up.

    • If your journey for adding customers to a queue doesn’t include customer descriptions or customer questions, then a Quick Add Customer option will appear allowing for a speedier approach to getting customers into the queue

Release date: 12th June 2018


What’s been fixed?

  • General Admin
    • When setting up products, you are now unable to let them have negative serve times
    • When SMS messages are sent via Nexmo, the SMS Source is now correctly trimmed to 11 characters
    • When confirming the use of a new style template for booking emails, the popup message box now closes
    • Venue Admin users are now no longer able to delete venues or create venue tags
    • Venue closing hours can now be set up to 23:59, removing the possibility of setting it as 00:00 which is the start of the following day
  • All Queue Beta
    • Concierge users are now unable to bypass mandatory questions when adding a customer to a queue
    • When adding customers, postcodes are now saved
    • When adding customers, the summary numbers of advisors and customers in each queue are now correctly reflected
    • When viewing customers in the queue, you are now able to edit the product they had selected as being their preference for service
    • When serving the last customer in the queue, the last customer no longer remains visible within the queue list
    • When editing Customer Details and saving, the newly saved details are now shown on the Customer Details popup and edited notes are saved
    • When editing an anonymous customer to add their name, the details are now saved
    • When rescheduling a booking via the Customer Details pop up, the customer details are now pre-populated in the new booking form
    • When setting your availability, you no longer briefly appear twice as an available member of staff
    • When editing availability and enter a start time after the end time, the message you are shown now advises what the problem with this is
    • When viewing the Customer Details of a customer being served by another advisor, the advisor details section now shows the actual serving advisor and not the current advisor
    • When marking a member of staff as being on a break, their My Customer tab no longer says that they are finished for the day
  • Calendar Beta
    • When changing both the assigned server and time for a booking, the warning message now references both the changes, rather than just one
    • Changing booking availability in Internet Explorer now updates the time to the correct timezone
    • Adding a new booking will now make the booking appear immediately within the calendar
  • Bookings
    • You are now able to change the type of booking slots that are available
    • When making edits to the non-default language versions of booking emails, you are now able to see the edits immediately within the email preview
    • When making a booking and staff selection is enabled, you can now selected ‘no preference’ and Qudini will assign to an appropriate staff member
  • Events
    • When sharing an event via the social media sharing icons, the URL being shared is now the specific event you are on, and not the event series you are in
    • When viewing the postcode field on the event sign up form, you no longer see the postcode placeholder and instead see the correct text
    • When adding card and banner images to an event, these will now override any topic level card and banner images
    • When editing a logo on an event series, you are now able to edit it more than once
    • When viewing the events admin tool using IE11, the date format is in the format dd/mm/yyyy
    • Also when viewing events admin, the date sorting of events is now correct
    • When setting an event, if you enter a maximum group size that is greater than the capacity of the venue, the create event popup no longer closes

What’s been improved?

  • General Admin
    • A new improved interface for updating the customisations on Printed Tickets has been introduced, to bring together controls of a similar nature and reduce page length
  • All Queues Beta
    • Layouts of the All Queues view have been improved when seen on iPad mini Safari browser
    • You can now see the name of a staff member who has been assigned to a booking on the All Queues view and on the Customer Details popup
    • You can also see the first part of any Customer Notes that have been added to the customer’s record
    • When adding customers, the selection of a product will now automatically take you through to add customer details, without the need to click the next button
    • When viewing Customer Details for a customer in the queue, you are now able to edit the product that the customer is being served for
    • When adding a customer to the queue, you see a confirmation that the customer has been added to the queue and are no longer advised that questions and descriptions have also been saved
    • When creating a booking, you see a confirmation that the booking has been made and are no longer advised that questions and descriptions have also been saved
    • Calling forward the next customer in a queue from the post-service popup now assigns the customer to an available advisor, rather than the concierge
    • When viewing the Customer Details, Add Customer, Create Booking Set Shift Time, or  Set Availability popups, you are now able to close the popup by clicking off the side of the popup.
  • Calendar Beta
    • When viewing bookings in the calendar, a booking icon now appears within the calendar item and the product icon also appears
    • When preselecting a time from the calendar to make a booking, the most appropriate time slot is selected when time slots options are determined
  • Bookings
    • When searching for bookings via the Booking Manager, within the search results you can now see the venue that the specific booking relates to
  • Events
    • When uploading card and banner images to either the Topic or Event you can now see suggested dimensions and file sizes for each image

What’s new?

  • General Admin
    • Style templates can now be created at a Merchant Level which can be used across templates for TV Apps, Tickets, Kiosks, Booking Widgets, and Booking emails, applying the same colours and logos for overall consistency
    • Merchant Admin users can now edit the colours used on the Qudini app, including logos, header background and text colours
  • Bookings
    • Concierges will now receive notifications when a booking customer is checked in for an upcoming booking appointment
    • A new email is now available specifically to communicate changes to bookings to customers.  The email can be enabled or disabled from the booking settings on the queue
    • There are now two new placeholders that can be used in SMS and emails for the phone number of the advisor a booking is with, and the email address of the advisor a booking is with
  • Events
    • When setting up events, you are now able to restrict event attendees to only those attendees with email addresses from predefined lists of domains (e.g
    • You are now able to define whether venues are able to create their own Event Topics, giving freedom to local administrators if you wish
  • Reporting
    • It is now possible to set a default report to be made available to all venue admin users, with all newly created venue admin users automatically receiving the report.
  • GDPR & data security
    • Merchant Admin users are now able to define the period of time (in hours, days, or months) that sensitive data should be held, after which point it will be anonymised.  By default, sensitive data includes Customer Name, Customer Email Address, Customer Mobile Number, and these will be anonymised after this period of time
    • Merchant Admin users are now able to define if Customer Notes should also be included within the definition of ‘sensitive data’, and thus be removed in the timescale defined in the previous feature
    • IP addresses stored within Qudini are now anonymised so that they are no longer personally identifiable
    • Merchant Admin users are now able to define whether Qudini accounts of users who haven’t signed in to their account for a defined period of time are automatically deactivated

Release date: 27th February 2018


What’s been fixed?

  • When viewing event details via the customer details pop up the event’s details will now present the correct information

  • When editing the time of an event, the time will not automatically change from a PM time to an AM time

  • When creating an event the fields are now all aligned correctly 

  • The event attendee counter now correctly counts the sizes of groups into the total and is automatically updated with new data without refreshing

  • When administering events you can now successfully filter by location and venue

  • When viewing event dates these are no longer shown in US date format

  • After serving a customer, product questions now show when you expect them to

  • On the online booking screens, if a customer question is included that requires an option selected from a dropdown list, the correct dropdown options now display

  • When a customer has answered after service by customer questions, their responses are now shown in the Customer History section of the Customer Details 

  • When creating a new event, the Create Event pop up is no longer titled ‘Create duplicate event’

  • The ‘Find new event’ button text is now associated with the correct colour customisation field

What’s been improved?

  • The sign in screen has been updated and new user product walkthrough information introduced to support in the understanding of available tools within Qudini

  • The Online Booking Interface has had its administration screens updated to introduce the ability to enable cookie and privacy policies

  • The Online Booking service has new improved time calculations, to improve response speeds and determining available booking slots

  • A new improved interface for updating the customisations on Booking Emails has been introduced, to bring together controls of a similar nature and reduce page length.

  • When viewing Events on the events homepage, you are now able to see more upcoming events

  • When viewing venues within the admin tools, you now see the venues listed alphabetically by venue name

What’s new?

  • BETA: A new view of all queues has been introduced as to improve the overall operation of the queue management application.  This includes (but is not limited to):

    • Colour coded queues

    • The ability to filter the by queue and / or colleague to tailor the view to what’s important to the user

    • The ability to push customers back in the queue by multiple places

    • Presentation of queue timing information, such as expected wait time, expected serving duration, current serve time, expected booking start time

    • Context specific customer view on the same page as the queue, allowing for quick calling of customers from the queue, or exposing more information about the current customer (including details, profile, messages, outcomes, questions)

    • End of service actions to prompt the next step for the server

    • The ability to assign an anonymous customer to a server

  • BETA: A new calendar has been introduced, which brings together a variety of availability aspects into one view, including:

    • Assigning availability across multiple queues

    • Filtering by day, week, or by advisor

  • A new training & support portal is now accessible from the primary navigation, giving access to best practice guides, FAQs, and release notes, all subject to the user’s Qudini permissions.

Minor Release date: 22nd January 2018


What’s been fixed?

  • Adding new products no longer requires a customer being added to a queue in order for them to be displayed.
  • When a customer leaves the queue from the weblink, the status of the page is now refreshed to advise the customer that they have left the queue.
  • When a staff members mark themselves as unavailable and want to set a custom time, they are no longer required to select one of the presented options before saving.
  • In the All Queues view, you are no longer advised to answer mandatory questions when they have already been answered.
  • When adding staff availability you are no longer able to add in times that are not correctly formatted as a time.

What’s been improved?

  • A new improved login screen has been introduced for mobile devices.
  • It is now possible to deactivate the kiosk from within the Kiosk’s settings.
  • Deactivated kiosk IDs can now be reassigned to new devices.
  • Kiosk IDs are now included within transactional data to allow for the tracking of transaction details by the kiosk.
  • Downloading sensitive data now walks the user through some sensitive data warnings prior to permitting a download.
  • The csv upload of new users will now permit the creation of users without a role.

What’s new?

There were no new major features in this release.

Release date: 22nd November 2017


What’s been fixed?

  • Answering mandatory ‘customer questions’ when adding a customer to a queue will no longer return an error message.
  • On signing up for the restaurant application with you are now advised of the password complexity requirements.
  • Uploading a TSV of users will no longer permit the creation of a new user without a role set.

What’s been improved?

  • For Click & Collect queues there is now the option to hide the Collection View.
  • Error messages for invalid staff availability times are now more clear.

What’s new?

There were no new major features in this release.

Release date: 31st October 2017


What’s been fixed?

  • Within Feature Management the contact email address for adding the feature to your plan has been updated.
  • Within Feature Management the formatting of the interface has been improved to correct presentational issues.
  • The weblink now refreshes to reflect the fact that a customer has left the queue.
  • Merchant Administrators can now see the IDs of TVs that have been paired with the application.
  • Check-ins for events on a kiosk will now mark the attendee as having attended the event.
  • Customer Questions are no longer repeated when a customer is added to the queue.

What’s been improved?

  • Venue lists are now sorted alphabetically.
  • Staff PDF downloads now have the option to include information on number of breaks taken and total time of breaks taken.
  • Speed of the Wait Times stats in the Stats Dashboard now load more quickly.

What’s new?

There were no new major features in this release.

Release date: 11th October 2017


What’s been fixed?

  • Within Feature Management, Events will not display if the Events feature restriction is set by the Merchant Administrator.
  • Finishing serving a customer in the queue will now remove the customer from the customer details panel.
  • Within Feature Management the formatting of the interface has been improved to correct presentational issues.
  • Customer Questions that are scheduled to appear after joining the queue will now display at the correct position in the customer journey.
  • Adjusting the time in queue using the +5mins / -5mins control will now update the meeting length by the appropriate amount of time without needing to refresh the page.
  • The weblink after a customer has been served is no longer blank.
  • The Products drop-down within Customer Questions now displays all products, even if they have duplicate names.
  • When Merchant Admins turn off the ability for new Merchant Admins to create other Merchant Admin accounts, the control no longer resets to ‘on’.
  • When viewing the TV Details at a venue level, the popup is no longer cut off by the navigation bar.
  • The Edit Customer Answers button is no longer displayed if Customer Questions are not activated.
  • The Customer Questions titles are no longer displaying to customers on the weblink.
  • Customer Questions can now be re-ordered and saved, unlike previously.
  • The overlaid text no longer displays on Weblink and Kiosk templates, if templates already exist.
  • The Series URL button on the Manage Events page now works when the user goes to Attendees and then uses the breadcrumb to navigate back to Events.
  • The events data filter now has the date in the format of DD/MM/YYYY.

What’s been improved?

  • A new placeholder for the Store Finder has been created for use in emails and SMS.
  • The presentation of the Customer Questions when joining the queue has been improved to avoid any confusion as other on-screen functions are used.
  • Within the queue, there is now a green tick icon when customers have answered the Customer Questions.

What’s new?

There were no new major features in this release.

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