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How to manage bookings across venues

As a booking manager admin you have the ability to view, edit and add bookings across all the venues you are assigned too. This setting is ideal for call centres who may need to create or managing customer appointments on behalf of stores. 

Go to Merchant > Bookings Manager

Creating Booking

  1. Select the relevant Venue via the dropdown.
  2. Then press ‘Create Booking’.

  3. Follow the Booking Process (Learn more here on how to add a booking). Enter the required customer details before clicking ‘Add Booking’.

Managing Bookings

A bookings manager can also search for a specific appointment booking.

Using the search field you can look for a customer/appointment by the booking reference, email, customer name or phone number.

A bookings manager can also access the online booking interface and customer facing URL, which gives you the same view available to customers who are booking appointments online.

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