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How to analyse venue data

If you have View Stats permissions enabled on your Merchant Admin account, you will be able to view the Qudini Stats Dashboard for your venues. These can be used to gain insights into the day to day operations of your venues.

To access the Stats Dashboard, you can select the Stats option at the top of the page, or you can select the Stats option at a Venue level.

Go to Merchant > Venues > Stats (next to desired venue)

If a Merchant Admin user has View Stats enabled with no other permissions, upon logging into Qudini the user will be prompted to select a venue. This will take them to the Stats Dashboard of that venue.

Once you have selected a venue, you will be directed to the Stats Dashboard.

In the top left section you can change the view to day, week or month, and change the period that you are viewing.

You can also change the venue (if you have permission to view more than one venue), as well as the queue.

Once you have selected a time period, venue and queue to look at, you can choose a dashboard from the list on the left navigation menu:

  • Overview - This gives a birds-eye view of the total usage for that venue with some general statistics. 
  • Dashboard - This view gives a summary of some key information: Customer turnout, wait times, staff stats, product breakdown, weblink (customer status page), KPI (outcomes) and walkouts.
  • Turnout - This view gives a summary of Qudini usage over the time period. You can see the total number of customers added for the selected period; broken down by day if viewing a week or a month view, or by hour if viewing a day view.
  • Wait times - This view compares how long customers are waiting in the queue, versus how long Qudini estimated the wait time would be, based on Staff availability and Product estimated serve time.
  • Staff - This view shows how each of the staff in this venue are performing. For example, you can see how many customers each team member is serving and what their average serve time is. You can also see what KPI Outcomes they have each reported.
  • Products - This view gives a breakdown of the different service requests your customers made in the venue. This helps you understand what customers are coming into the venue for, how long different services take, and the outcomes recorded against each one.
  • Weblink (Queue Information Tracker) - This view gives a gauge on the level of customer engagement through the queue information tracker, i.e. the number of customers clicking on your queue information tracker to monitor their in-queue progress.
    Data will only appear here if you have enabled the Queue Information Tracker within your SMS or Booking Email.
  • Outcomes - This gives a breakdown of the Outcomes reported, as well as the breakdown per staff member. 
  • Walkouts - This view details how many customer left the queue or didn’t show up for their appointment. It also breaks your walkouts down by product category, so that you can analyse which Product type is experiencing the highest walkouts. You can further see how long the customer waited for before they abandoned the queue.
  • Events - In this view you can see metrics around your Events platform. It shows you what the attendance rates are and which channels your event sign-ups are coming from.

All the data points you can see within the Stats Dashboard are also available within the Email Reports. (Learn more here).

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