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Add Questions to ask your customers

Customer Questions allow you to have additional input fields when a customer or staff member adds a customer to Qudini. These can be used to help staff in-store by obtaining more information from the customer before an appointment or before they reach the top of the queue.

For example, if Qudini was being used in a doctor’s consultation to manage queues and appointments, you may need to know if it is the patient’s first time at your clinic prior to them being seen by a doctor. Therefore you could add a Customer Question to your online booking interface asking the customer to answer Yes or No to the question about whether this is their first visit.

Creating Customer Questions

Go to Merchant > Main settings > Questions

  • Enter question - The first step is to decide what question(s) you want to ask your customers. What you enter here is how the question will be presented to the user or customer.
  • Answer Type - Choose between Free text, Dropdown, Multiple choice, Checkbox, Rating, Date, Number.

  • Venues - Select which venues to enable the question for.

  • Products - After selecting a venue this option will appear, where a question can be specific for certain type of service.

  • Target customers - This allows you to  filter which type of customer is asked the question(s):

    • Queuing customers (added by staff) - Customers added to the queue by a staff member via the app or web app.

    • Booking customers - Customers that have been added by a staff member via the app or web app for an appointment booking only.
    • Online booking customers - Customers that have created their own appointment through the Online Booking Interface.
  • When to ask - This determines when the question will be posed to the customer. 

    • When joining - When the customer is being added to Qudini. For example, on the kiosk or on the online booking interface.

    • After joining - After the customer has been added, they will be prompted to answer the question(s) on the queue information tracker/booking information page accessed from the SMS they are sent, or by the email communication. 
    • After service by staff - After the appointment has finished, the staff member is prompted to answer the question(s).
    • After service by customer - After the appointment has finished, the customer is prompted to answer the question(s) on the queue information tracker/booking information page accessed from the SMS they are sent. 
  • Answer is mandatory - You have the ability to make giving an answer mandatory or optional. This can be useful in certain scenarios. For example, age restricted services: “Are you over 18 years old?”

When you have completed setting up your question, ensure you press Add Question to save.

Manage Questions

  • Once you have created your customer question they will appear in the Manage Questions section.
  • If you need to edit a question, press the ‘Edit’ button. This enables you to edit any of the details that are populated for that question.
    For example, you can add or remove the question from certain venues, or change the answer type.
  • If the question is no longer needed, then you can press the ‘Remove’ button.
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