How to add merchant level products

A Product (a.k.a service) will need to be created for each required in-store product/service/query etc. Assigning a product is how Qudini categorises and ensures the correct in-store journey for each customer that is added to the system, regardless of how they are entered (e.g. a staff member adds a walk-in customer in store or a customer books an appointment online)

By having Products, the customer can choose which service they need help with when booking their appointment or checking-in on a kiosk in-store. This allows the staff to see up front which service the customer has requested help with.

Before creating a Product you need to consider if it will be visible to customers: Product names can appear on the mobile device Apps, Kiosks, Online Booking Interface, SMS & Email, or Customer Status Page. Therefore you need to ensure that your products are named in a way that customers will understand especially if it's on a customer touch point (e.g. In-store kiosk).

Products can have the following properties:

  • Product Name - What the customer or staff will select upon joining the queue or making a booking.
  • Serve Time - An estimated or average time it takes to serve the product (this is to help create more accurate wait estimates or the number of appointment slots).
  • Visible Outcomes - Options to prompt staff to report on the outcome of a transaction with a customer.
  • Target Outcomes - these are desired outcomes that staff are aiming to achieve during service with a customer, e.g. a sale or an up-sell.
  • Reasons - A list of reasons for the selected outcome (e.g. Outcome: "No sale", Reason: "Lack of stock").
  • Show for.. - Decide if Products will be available to book for an appointment and / or queue.
  • Product Icon - An icon to show next to the product (this can be displayed on customer touch points such as the kiosk).
  • Product Colour - Product buttons within the staff Apps and Kiosk can have specified colours.

Setting up a Product

Go to Merchant > Main Settings > Products

  1. Add a new product by adding a name and serve time at the top of the list.
  2. Then click 'Add Product'
  3. You can assign products to selected venues and queues within the Advanced Options section before clicking 'Add Product'.

Once the Products are created, you can add additional properties to them by clicking 'Edit' next to each product. This will give you the option to assign outcomes, Target Outcomes, Product Icons and a Product Colour.

Important info:

  • For a product to appear it must have the relevant option selected in the 'Show for' column, for example, Queuing or Booking.
  • Outcomes need to be created before they are assigned to a product. Learn more here
  • Product Colour needs to be a full hex code for the desired colour, including the "#" (for example, #B8222F).
  • Products can be assigned/removed from queues and kiosks once created, within the individual Venue Settings.
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