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What roles and permissions does Qudini have?

Merchant Admins are accounts that can be created to let businesses manage their venues and store users with a Qudini Merchant. Within Merchant Admins there are different levels of permissions:

Merchant Owner - Controls the whole Qudini merchant account and its users. They have access to all the settings within Qudini.

Support Manager - Allows the user to manage and support users for all venues (ideal for support desk users, and roles where users need to reset login details).

Venue Manager - This gives the user venue level access to one or more venues. So they can help to manage users, view stats and reports, or receive Threshold Alerts for a number of stores (ideal for regional managers).

View Stats - Provides the user with the ability to go into the dashboard and view usage stats and performance.

Bookings Manager -  Can create and manage customer bookings. This will also enable users to manage their online booking widgets. 

Events Manager - Enables the user to manage their events, topics and attendees.

Merchant Admin permissions

Venue Level Admins:

When a venue level user is given Admin permission, they have access to the same settings as a Venue Manager as listed in the matrix above. However, unlike Venue Managers, they are restricted to only see their own venue.

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