What roles and permissions does Qudini have?

In Qudini, there are two main types of users:

1. Merchant Admins

Merchant Admins are accounts that can be created to let businesses manage their venues and store users with a Qudini Merchant. Within Merchant Admins there are different levels of permissions:

What's the difference between Merchant Admins and Venue Level users?

Merchant Owner - Controls the whole Qudini merchant account and its users. They have access to all the settings within Qudini.

Support Manager - Allows the user to manage and support users for all venues (ideal for support desk users, and roles where users need to reset login details).

Venue Manager - This gives the user venue level access to one or more venues. So they can help to manage users, view stats and reports, or receive Threshold Alerts for a number of stores (ideal for regional managers).

View Stats - Provides the user with the ability to go into the dashboard and view usage stats and performance.

Bookings Manager -  Can create and manage customer bookings. This will also enable users to manage their online booking widgets. 

Events Manager - Enables the user to manage their events, topics and attendees.

2. Venue Users

A venue user is created within a specific venue and given access to see and manage customers and staff for that venue on a daily basis. A venue user can be given any 3 of the following roles:

Server - Enables the user to be assigned (or assign to themselves) to customers.

Concierge - Gives the user the ability to see and manage customers and staff. As well as manage Staff Availability and Breaks.

Admin - Can access the settings for their venue and queues in order to create users, change Generic Availability for appointment bookings, change venue opening hours and view the Analytics dashboards.

Merchant OwnerSupport managerVenues managerView StatsBookings managerEvents managerAdmin
(*If Venue Admin Restriction settings are Not Imposed.
Venue Admins Restrictions is a Merchant-wide settings, not applied per user.)
Merchant Admin
Merchant DetailManage branding (logos) within native apps, configure SMS API, manage Threshold Alerts.Allowed
Customer DescriptionsConfigure, enable customer descriptor.Allowed
VenuesSelect Venues page - access venue stats dashboard, create new & deactivate venuesAllowedAllowedAllowed
Bookings ManagerCreate and edit customer appointment bookings.
Search for existing customer bookings (using PII) to reschedule/cancel appointments.
Change customer details within appointments.
Merchant Admin UsersCreate and edit Merchant Level users.Allowed
Email ReportsCreate and edit Venue or Merchant level email reports and assign other users to recipent list.
Reports can have information add/removed within this page.
Reports can only be sent to Qudini account holder with Admin permissions.
Report TemplatesCreate and edit mail reports templates with specified data points. These can be chosen when creating reports in Email Reports page.Allowed
Main Settings
ProductsCreate and edit products / services that appear for queuing or booking appointments.
Can manage product features such as: estimated serve times, graphical icon, which stores the products appear, whether product is for booking appointment or queueing.
Manage Outcomes which are reported against each product.
QuestionsCreate and edit custom Questions that appear when customer want to make a bookings, or are being added to the queue.
Control where and how the Questions are directed at customers or staff.
OutcomesCreate and edit a list of Outcomes to be reported against.
Outcomes are enable against products within the Products page
SMS TemplatesCreate and edit template text messages that can be sent by store users to customers.Allowed
Post Visit SMSCreate and edit automated follow-up text messages to customers.
Can be configured based on: Outcome reported, product, venue and other factors.
Venue RestrictionsConfigure if store users can edit Generic Availability.
Configure if store users can add Special Days of availability.
Venue users with admin permissions will see these settings under Booking Availability pages.
Kiosk TemplatesCreate and edit kiosk design templates, including wording and languages.Allowed
Ticket TemplatesCreate and edit printed ticket design templates, including wording and languages.Allowed
Online Booking InterfaceCreate and edit customer facing Booking Widgets.Allowed
Booking EmailCreate and edit emails sent to customers when booking appointments: Confirmation, Reminder and Cancel emailsAllowed
WeblinkTHIS IS A QUDINI SYSADMIN PERMISSION ONLY.Qudini OnlyQudini OnlyQudini OnlyQudini OnlyQudini OnlyQudini OnlyQudini OnlyQudini OnlyQudini Only
TV TemplatesCreate and edit digital signage design templates, including wording and imagery/video content.Allowed
Venue UsersSearch, create and edit Store / Venue Level users.
Can reassign users to another store.
Can edit permissions of users.
IntegrationsLists Qudini Intregrated partners.Allowed
Order LookupCreate and edit custom Order Lookups for intregrate databases. To enable Qudini to search and display product / customer information upon joining the queue or booking.Allowed
Venue Information
Venue DetailsAllowedAllowedAllowed *
Venue opening hoursSet opening times for stores.
Create Specific Hours for specified days .
Set dates where store is closed (no booking / queues available).
Venue queues-AllowedAllowedAllowed *
Venue UsersCreate edit Store / Venue Level users.
Can reassign users to another store.
Can edit permissions of users.
AllowedAllowedAllowedAllowed *
Threshold alertsCreate and edit Alerts triggered through Qudini actions.AllowedAllowed *
Break reasonsCreate edit reasons that users can be Set Unavailable.AllowedAllowedAllowed *
KioskCreate and edit kiosks within the venue.AllowedAllowedAllowed *
TVsCreate and edit TV displays within the venue.AllowedAllowedAllowed *
SmartwatchesCreate and edit Smartwatches used within the venue.AllowedAllowed *
Order LookupAssign Order Lookup configurations (set with in Order Lookup Merchant level).AllowedAllowed *
IntegrationsLists Qudini Intregrated partners.AllowedAllowedAllowed *
Queue DetailsEdit configurations regarding queue:
Determine position or minute thresholds before sending SMS to customers.
Limit queue sizes.
Set reminders to finish customers.
Determine if Servers can view products of customer in the queue.
Determine if Servers must take customer at the top of the queue.
Toggle showing timings of customer during in queue, staff duration with customer, appointment times.
Configure details required to add customer to queue, within kiosk or applications.
Enable bookings within queue.
AllowedAllowedAllowed *
Booking SettingsSet booking availability to generic slots or determined by staff.
Configure details required to add customer for booking.
Configure customer notification settings: Email and SMS (this does not include notification contents)
AllowedAllowedAllowed *
Booking Availability
GenericCreate and edit Generic Availability slots for bookings.AllowedAllowedAllowed
Special daysCreate and edit specified days with Generic Availability slots for bookings.AllowedAllowedAllowed
Outcome SettingsConfigure outcomes within the queue, using outcomes set in Main Settings>OutcomesAllowedAllowedAllowed *
ProductsAdd venue level products (only accessible to venue in which they are created).
Toggle Merchant wide products which are created Main Settings>Products
AllowedAllowedAllowed *
SMS SettingsCreate and edit SMS content for queuing and booking customers.
Add and remove SMS different languages.
AllowedAllowedAllowed *
Setup Post Visit SMSCreate and edit automated follow-up text messages to customers.
Can be configured to send a specified number of hours after customer is finished.
AllowedAllowedAllowed *
WeblinkTHIS IS A QUDINI SYSADMIN PERMISSION ONLY.Qudini OnlyQudini OnlyQudini OnlyQudini OnlyQudini OnlyQudini OnlyQudini OnlyQudini OnlyQudini Only
Other Pages
Exports of data can be configured with specified data points.
Exports are automated to go to any user recipient as requested.
Exports are encryted when sent through email.
Customer and Staff PII data is not accessible with Qudini control.
Typically exports only provide Customer / Staff IDs (i.e. non-PII)
Qudini OnlyQudini OnlyQudini OnlyQudini OnlyQudini OnlyQudini OnlyQudini OnlyQudini OnlyQudini Only
Receive Email ReportsPermission allows user to recieve email reports set up in Email Reports PageAllowedAllowedAllowedAllowedAllowedAllowed
Stats dashboard and AnalyticsView Statistics on:
Customer turnout | Wait times | Staff performance | Products served | Weblink interactions | Outcomes reported | Walkouts numbers | Events Attended
EventsCreate and edit events, setup event series and topics.
Manage attendees and content for events.
Export raw Data reports (password protected)Only if Qudini SysAdmin Specified and granted acessesAllowedAllowed
Managing customersAdd / Edit / Delete CustomersAllowedAllowedAllowed
Managing customersServe CustomersAllowedAllowedAllowed
Managing customersAssign CustomersAllowedAllowedAllowed
Managing customersCreate BookingsAllowedAllowedAllowedAllowedAllowed
Customer HistoryView HistoryAllowedAllowedAllowed
Customer HistoryTransfer back to queue / Convert to bookingAllowedAllowedAllowed
Managing StaffSet Availability (other staff)AllowedAllowed
Managing StaffSet Booking Availability (other staff)AllowedAllowed
Managing StaffSet Availability (own)AllowedAllowedAllowed
Managing StaffSet Booking Availability (own)AllowedAllowedAllowed
QueueQueue viewAllowedAllowedAllowed
QueueConcierge viewAllowedAllowed
QueueChange queueAllowedAllowedAllowed
SettingsView AnalyticsAllowedAllowedAllowedAllowedAllowed
SettingsView Staff PerformanceAllowed
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